My Summer vacation trip


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Apr 11, 2016
South Carolina
So I had a great vacation trip. This summer I focused on visiting battlefields both national and non national park. I visited the following: Drewry's Bluff, Chantilly (Ox Hill), Historic Hanover Courthouse, Gettysburg (I took the Ed Bearss recorded tour highly recommend), I visited Cashtown Inn even though it was closed I got pictures from outside. I also visited part of Fredericksburg Lee's command post. I visited several cemeteries two in Philadelphia (yes I visited General Meade). I visited not only Army officers but started my exploration of Navy officers. I visited Congressional Cemetery, Oak Hill Cemetery and Rock Creek Cemetery in Washington D.C.. Placed a flag on my ggg uncle's grave at Hollywood Cemetery. Aside from all that when I got home on Tuesday I didn't stop my summer vacationing in that on Wednesday and Today I went to a great used book sale in Brevard North Carolina. On my way home from Brevard today I went thru Flat Rock and stopped at Carl Sandburg National park the former home of Confederate States Secretary of Treasury Christopher Memminger. The house was closed but I enjoyed the trail none the less. After visiting the house I decided to stop by Saint John in the Wilderness Cemetery in Flat Rock and pay my respects to the Soldiers and Secretary of Treasury Memminger all buried there. Who knows what tomorrow holds I may go down to Edgefield or look back up in North Carolina since I love the mountains and love nature. I have enjoyed my summer of hiking and hope to carry it over to every season except winter.


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Jul 21, 2015
Somehow I missed this. What a great vacation. You went many places I have yet to visit. If all goes well, I might make it back to Virginia next June. Haven't been there since January 2016.