Major Frederick Gaebel


Oct 5, 2021
I collect Ided Civil War Revolvers.

This is by far my favorite one.

Frederick Gaebel served with the 7th New York Infantry-

During the war he participated in the following major battles:

Big Bethel
Malvern Hill

During the Battle of Fredericksburg he was severely wounded charging Confederate defenses Marye's Height while leading the 7th New York.

He stayed in the service despite severe injury and was placed in the 16th Regiment Veteran Reserve Corp-

He was placed in charge of this regiment and he lead the campaign against deserters, draft dodgers and Cooperheads in Pennsylvania for the rest of the war.

My sherr admiration of the man comes with his service after the war.

He was an Assistant Commissioner of the Freedman's Bureau, stationed in Cuthbert Ga-

I managed to get copies of his field reports from that duty. He protected freedman and helped reunite freedman with their children.

Seriously this man deserves a biography about him.

He died in 1867-

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