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May 3, 2013
Excerpt from the journal of William Foster, the captain of the Clotilda reprinted in the 2-18-2018 edition of the Mobile Real-Time News:

"Having gotten ashore safely, I met with interpreter who kindly congratulated me and gave me in charge of three natives, who put me in a hammock with canopy and carried me into the city of Whyda, (modern day Ouidah) six miles distant: Upon arrival, I found splendid accommodations for traders. I spent the night in 'Merchant Exchange.' Having breakfasted early I with Cicerone sallied forth to see the city and transact my business with the Prince. Cicerone presented me to the ebony Prince, a man of 250 lbs.

"Presentation consisted of myself and fifty officials, all of whom fell on their knees in acknowledgement of His Majesty. We then partook of social drink, and then I told him my business, that I had nine thousand dollars in gold and merchandise and wanted to buy a cargo of negroes, for which I agreed to pay $100 per head for one hundred and twenty-five. After detaining me for eight days, I thought him purposing my capture...

"Having agreeably transacted affairs with Prince, we went to the warehouse where they had in confinement four thousand captives in a state of nudity from which they gave me liberty to select one hundred and twenty-five as mine, offering to brand them for me, from which I peremptorily forbid. Commenced taking on cargo of negroes, successfully securing on board one hundred and ten.

"A large square of ground with a wall ten-feet high upon which was covered with snakes. Trees in there were loaded with the repulsive things, reveling in their deified elation. Devotees attending had them wound around their necks and waists, and had the appearance of our rattlesnake. From thence I went to see the King of Dahomey."
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Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!