FINALS: Destination CWT Muster 2020

Finals: Destination CWT Muster 2020 Vote for the one(s) you would likely attend one east one west

  • WEST: Shiloh & vicinity TN

    Votes: 44 49.4%
  • WEST: Franklin & vicinity TN

    Votes: 22 24.7%
  • EAST: Antietam & vicinity MD

    Votes: 40 44.9%
  • EAST: Fredericksburg & vicinity VA

    Votes: 17 19.1%
  • EAST: Charleston or Savannah & Vicinity GA/SC

    Votes: 26 29.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Mar 15, 2013
Members should vote for the destination(s) you would be likely to attend. You may vote for one in the east, one in the west, or one of each. [Please read below before casting your vote(s).]

FINALS: Where Would You Like to Go in 2020?
The preliminary poll closed at 9:41 am on November 20, 2019 - 153 members cast their votes. The next step in the decision-making process for our 2020 Civil War Talk Member Muster is the final vote to determine destination(s.) If this vote goes as quickly as the preliminary, we should have destination(s) selected by November 28 when the poll is set to close. That gives you a week to decide.

Great news! @CivilWarTalk and @ami have granted approval for members to vote for TWO destinations and to have two events - one in the West and one in the East - on the condition that we have volunteer event teams step up to lead each one and that the events are not held at the same time.

The reasoning is as follows:
1. Some people just cant make it to the West or the East from where they live. Those who might attend a CWT Muster at Shiloh or Franklin, might not be able to make it to Antietam or Savannah -- and vice versa. Several members have mentioned this.​
2. As long as the two events aren't happening at the same time, some people can, and would like to, participate in two events.​
3. The last two CWT Musters have been in the West. The last ones in the East were 2016 and 2017 at Gettysburg.​
4. There's real value in meeting other members face-to-face; touring the battlefield with other people who are really interested; having knowledgeable members do the presentations; not to mention the camaraderie with other people who are just as interested in the Civil War as you are! It would be great if every member had the opportunity to participate.​

In this poll, you may vote for your choice(s) - one in the East, one in the West, OR one in each. Please cast your vote or votes for the destination(s) you would be likely to attend.

And the finalists are... <drumroll>

In the WEST:
Shiloh & vicinity
Franklin & vicinity

In the EAST:
Antietam & vicinity
Fredericksburg & vicinity
Savannah & vicinity

Execution of CWT travel opportunities is dependent upon a volunteer team stepping up to lead each of the trips. The event "Quartermaster" is responsible for recruiting a volunteer event team. The Quartermaster assumes ultimate responsible for arrangements/schedule/administration of the trip. Members of the event team serve in an advisory role and manage assigned details. If you are willing to serve as an event Quartermaster, please send me a PM.

Even though a proposed destination includes a slew of possibilities nearby, it may not be realistic to include them all in the schedule. Actual content will be determined by the event team, with input from those who are planning to participate.

CWT Member Tours have traditionally been "free" events. Each person pays his/her own costs (hotel, meals, transportation, etc.) and knowledgeable CWT members volunteer to lead specific sections of the tour.

If you accidentally cast your vote for two destinations in the same theater - no problem. The poll is set so you can easily change your vote.
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Sep 17, 2011
I would love to see Charleston/Savannah. Not sure why it would be surprising

Both Charleston and Shiloh are ranked as top 10 CW destinations

I assume the Savannah choice is still Savannah and/or Charleston from the earlier vote.

Also 1st vote was a wish list for everyone, this vote is supposed to be those actually going to try to attend
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Apr 30, 2012
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Also surprising that Shiloh is off to an early lead the west

I'm not. It's the largest battle CWT outside VA/MD that CWT hasn't visited. I'm more surprised by the high interest in Nashville/Franklin given how little of those sites have been preserved.

Living on the FL East Coast I've driven past Savannah alot. Tybee Island Lighthouse, Fort Pulaski, Fort James Jackson, and Fort McAllister are all worth visiting but I've already visited all of then in the last 5 years.

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I'll do a little "politicking" against one of the choices: Although I think Antietam is a wonderful place to visit, there's a paucity of facilities (motels, hotels, restaurants, etc.) in the immediate area - Thank God! - that might make it a difficult location for "our" purposes. All the others at least have more or less complete amenities relatively nearby. Shiloh itself is similarly remote, but Savannah, Tenn. or Corinth, Miss. are within ten or twenty miles with little or no local traffic to contend with. Of course, Franklin/Murfreesboro, Fredericksburg, and Savannah all have multiple options. One further important consideration: do we as yet have any members on the ground or nearby ANY of these who have expressed willingness and/or a desire to act as hosts or hostesses for an event of this scale??? A lack in that department could scuttle any of these choices!


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May 23, 2018
Just voted, just to see if Savannah is still in the game... but no, I guess it will be Shiloh. Sure a very rewarding choice.
Have fun everybody and make sure to snap lots of photos for us who will participate in mind only....
Andrea, my impression is there will be 2 separate meets for 2020, so if Shiloh wins out west, there is still going to be an Eastern Theater trip too. :smile:
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