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Apr 1, 1999
the mountain state
Dec 16-31

kepi for Collard Greens and black-eyed peas.
nitrofd for National Fruitcake Day.
Albert Sailhorst for Black Eyed Peas and Corn pone for The Punch That Saved Savannah Georgia

Dec 1-15

Mike Serpa for "John B. Gordon eggnog boo-boo"
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Holiday Cocktails Period & Modern" and "The Complete Confectioner 19th century baking guide".
nitrofd for "Gingerbread House Day".
Albert Sailhorst for "Almond Cheese Cake" and "Plum Pudding"

Nov 16-30

Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Thanksgiving Leftovers-What to do with all the excess?"
AshleyMel for "Sausage and Cheese Grits Casserole"
Albert Sailhorst for "Egg Nog & Fruitcake "Corporal's Kitchen" Dec 2016 Scott's Battery Newsletter"
W.Richardson for "Book: Food in the Civil War Era-South"
Waterloo 50 for "Good Old British Rhubarb and Apple Crumble"
JPK Huson 1863 for "Camp Griffin, 43rd New York Kitchen"

nitrofd for National Food Days for November, in particular "National Stuffing Day"

Nov 1 - 15
Albert Sailhorst "Pic of Cranberry Sauce" and "Cranberry Sauce", recipe.
Anna Elizabeth Henry "Easy Pumpkin Pie Bites" and Roasted Butternut Squash with Moroccan Spices".
alan polk for "Fish Camp Casserole".

Oct 17-31

Stiles/Akin "John Carroll's Sausage and Cheese stuffed banana peppers".
Anna Elizabeth Henry "18th Century Lip Salve".
Albert Sailhorst "Corporal's Kitchen II Chestnut sauce" & "Corporal's Kitchen I Turkey Roast".
nitrofd "Chiffonade Salad".

Oct 1-16

Legion Para for "Pizza Lover".
Stiles/Akin for "Comforting Chicken Noodle Crock Pot" and 'Weights and Measures".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Crock Pot Stroganoff" and' "Vegetarian Gumbo" and "Flaxseed History In America".
Pvt. Shattuck for "Mark Twain's Bill of Fare".
nitrofd for all the National Days for Oct., especially "National Angel Food Cake Day".

sept 16-30

Stiles/Akin for "Ginger Beer".
nitrofd for "1857 CookBook" and Pendennis Turtle Soup".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Egg Cutlets" and Autumn Chowder".
major bill for "Which ethnic foods?"
Albert Sailhorst for "Buckwheat Cakes Scott's Battery Oct. Newsletter "Corporal's Kitchen" and "Dutch Oven Autumn Pork Roast".

Sept 1-15

allenhs for "Commissary in Battle".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Snickerdoodle Apple Cobbler" and "Skillet Steak & Potatoes".

Aug 16-13

Will Carry for "Can Anyone recommend South Carolina mustard based barbecue?"
Albert Sailhorst for "Corporal's Kitchen" for Scott's Battery Newsletter Sept. Issue".
Legion Para for "Traditional Carolina Hash", and "Nutrition and Success on the Battlefield".
Stiles/Akin for "Squash Dressing".
nitrofd for "Minorca Gopher Stew".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Ground Turkey Cabbage Skillet Stew".
16thVA for "Stinky salt rising bread a nostalgic favorite".

Aug 1-15

Albert Sailhorst for "Catfish Soup" and "Peach Catsup".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Frozen Treats".
Stiles/Akin for "The Southern cook book of fine old recipes".
Legion Para for "Catfish stew" and "Coffee On The Campaign"
nitrofd for "National Ice Cream Sandwich Day".

July 16-31

nitrofd for "Cookbook Gift from Germany".
Stiles/Akin for "Henrietta Dull in 1928" and "Recipe for making cake".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Easy Peach Tart" and "Preserved Watermelon".
JPKHuson 1863 for "Maslow, Ice Cream and Donna's Quest For the Truth".

July 1-15

Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Easy Peach Tart" and "Macaroni Slaw".
fredneck for "Pimento Cheese Cornbread".
nitrofd for "National Canned Luncheon Meat Week".
chellers for "Fried Okra".
Stiles/Aiken for "Pasta fazool alla Harry".

June 15-30

Albert Sailhorst for Cornish Game Hen.
nitrofd for National Orange Blossom Day and National Catfish Day.
Stiles/Akin for 18 recipes from the 1950s. They include: Chow Mein, Salmon Salad Sandwiches, Cottage Cheese Tarts, and Panned Beans and Tomatoes.
Legion Para for Strawberry Bratwurst and National Kouign Amann Day.

June 1-15
Legion Para for " 50 States, 50 Sandwiches".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Egg Sandwich", "June 3rd-National Donut Day", and "Peach Pot Pie".
nitofd for "Foods of the 1800s", "Please Pass The Possum", and "Foods of the Florida Indians".
Stiles/Akin for "Retro Recipe: Ham Banana Rolls (1947)" and "Retro Recipe: Dole Pineapple Jell-O In A Can (1955)".

May 16-31

Anna Elizabeth Henry "Creamy Lemonade Pie" and "Pineapple-Ade".
Stiles/Akin"Symphony Brownies".
nitrofd "Southern Cookbook of Recipes (1925)" and "Watermelon Gazpacho Soup".
James B.White "Steamed or Baked Apples", "Chicken Curry", "Corn Oysters" and "Tomato Figs"

May 1-15

James B. White "To Dress Lettuce as Salad", "Beef A-La Mode", "Jumbles", and "Carrot Fritters".
Legion Para for "Corn Bread" and "Hot Water Soup".
Albert Sailhorst for "Scott's Battery June Newsletter "Corporal's Kitchen" Recipe". This month was Pork & Beans.
nitrofd for "Florida Pickling Recipes 1852-1869".
Stiles/Akin for "Pies and Puddings."

April 15-30

James B:
Salt Pork
Scalloped Tomatoes,
Fried Cucumbers
Buttermilk Bread.

Legion Para for Simple Dumplings and Clabber: Sour Milk.

Anna Elizabeth Henry for Baked Scotch Eggs.

April 1-15

Albert Sailhorst for "Scott's Battery Newsletter "Corporal's Kitchen" for May 2016".
Legion Para for "Breaded Tomatoes" and "Fried Corn" and "Baked Acorn Squash".
Stiles/Akin for "Confederate Recipes".
nitrofd for "Olive Oil News", "Extracts for Baking or Cooking", and "Hardtack and Matzah".

March 16-31

CMWinkler for "Biscuits" and "Indian Sagamite.
JPK Huson 1863 for "Treasured Family Recipes and the Treasures Who Left Them" and "Marmalade".
Legion Para for "Brunswick (Squirrel) Stew" and "Military Rations".
kepi for "".

March 1-15

Drew for "Beef Stew"
Bee for "Guys Favorite: Pumpkin Bread".
Legion Para for "Easter Foods and" Easter Breads".
Albert Sailhorst for "Scott's Battery Monthly Newsletter "Corporal Kitchen".
diane for "Leprechaun Bait".
nitrofd for "Bread Baking Tricks".
18th Virginia for "Hospital Food".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "St. Patrick's Day Drink".

Feb 16-29

Anna Elizabeth henry
"The American Housewife & Kitchen Directory"
"Praline Bread Pudding"
"Washington's Cherry Crumb Pie"

"Easter Candy"

"Alcohol in Recipes"

"Spring Garden?"
"Venison question"

Feb 1-15

"Links to Period Cookbooks".

JPK Huson 1863
"What Mrs Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking".

Anna Elizabeth Henry
"Valentine's Day Fudge Brownies"
"Longevity Noodles for Chinese New Years"
"Maryland Crab Cakes".

"Wisconsin Beer Battered Fried Fish".

"Salmon Dijon"

Jan 17-31

Blessmag for
"National Chocolate Cake Day"

Anna Elizabeth Henry
"Afternoon Tea Menu Valentine's Day"
"Beef Stroganoff Casserole".

Jan 1-16

Anna Elizabeth Henry:
"Afternoon Tea - where did it come from?"
"Salted Caramel Scones & Tea"

Legion Para
"Cornbread During The Civil War"
"Cabbage During the Civil War"
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Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!