Colonel Frank S. Armistead

Nov 8, 2018
Francis Stanley Armistead (1835 - 18th April 1889) was the younger brother of famed Confederate General Lewis Armistead. He was born in Virginia and graduated from West Point before the war. He went south, becoming a staff officer (Probably the AAG) to General Longstreet during the 1st Manasass Campaign, before he was superseded by Moxley Sorrel, who had arrived in the middle of the campaign and became Longstreet's right hand man in his staff
After this, Frank apparently was wounded at Seven Pines, and later became staff to his brother's brigade. He then went west and joined Bragg as an engineer in December of 1862.
In July 1864, the 1st North Carolina Junior Reserves was formed, made of men between 15 and 18. Frank became it's Colonel, and commanded them, along with the reserve brigade they were part of, in Hoke's Division in the Carolina Campaign. He surrendered with Joe Johnston on the 26th of April '65.
"Died at Central State Lunatic Asylum in Lakeland Kentucky" (Findagrave)
Note: According to Thayer's Notes, his first name may have been Franck instead of Francis; Franck being his Maternal Grandmother's maiden name. I personally doubt this, and know little about the site's validity. Whatever the case, take this inforamtion with a grain of salt.
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Carolina's Campaign Order of Battle

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