Casualties Anderson's Brigade at Gettysburg

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Aug 30, 2017
Thanks very much for the thought. Those guys truly had a rough day on July 2. (I'm still amazed that Towers was back in Richmond by July 10) As I alluded to on Tom's 7th GA thread,.. in about a month or so, full Rosters for the 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th Georgia will be available through Savas-Beatie and much of the mist around these guys will finally evaporate after 155 years. These are not the 'basic' type of Rosters, far from it.....the Rosters for the 11th and 7th GA are about 336 pages long each......the 8th GA roster is about 312 pages and the 9th, slightly less. That's bigger than a lot of campaign studies. While that kind of detail is not everyone's cup of tea, I hope guys like Tom Elmore and yourself will hopefully see their value. You can blow off a lot of dust with 1200 pages of Roster. Stay tuned and thanks again.
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Tom Elmore

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Jan 16, 2015
Looking forward to the new rosters! This is my list breaking down some of those casualties by type:

Andrews, William J., Pvt, E/8 GA, 2 July, W gunshot wound left arm (GS)
Branch, Sanford, 1Lt, 8 GA, W ball fractured left wrist, shattered several ribs and punctured a lung (GS)
Clements, T. W., 4Sgt, D/8 GA, MW gunshot, captured, died July 11 (GS)
Copelan, O. C. (probably James Osborn), Pvt, I/8 GA, MW gunshot head (GS)
Dwenell, Melvin, Lt, A/8 GA, W gunshot wound upper left arm (GS)
Gilham, Ben, Lt, K/8 GA, 2 July, K ball in forehead (GS)
Heard, Columbus, 2Lt, H/8 GA, W gunshot left side of abdomen (GS)
Hudson, T. D., G/8 GA, 2 July, W gunshot (GS)
Maxey, Travis, Ord Sgt, K/8 GA, K shell exploded inside body, neck, head, and upper part of his chest were all gone (A)
McClesky, John W., 3Lt, I/8 GA, W gunshot leg (GS)
Reid, John C., 1Lt, I/8 GA, 2 July, W minie ball inner side of right knee (GS)
Strong, Seth, 8 GA, K instantly, shell struck rock behind which his head was laying (A)
Yarborough, F/8 GA, W, wounded by same shell that killed Strong (A)

This is a small sample size showing 10 gunshot (77 percent) and 3 artillery (23 percent) casualties, but the percentages are nevertheless rather close to the Army of Northern Virginia as a whole at Gettysburg.
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White Flint Bill

Oct 9, 2017
Southern Virginia
Casualties reported for the 8th Georgia Infantry at Gettysburg.....
"obtained from Col. Towers, and known to be correct."
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Here is the entire article.
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@Drumshanbo you probably already have this, but tagging you just in case.
Fascinating. I wonder if this omits men who were captured? I see that some are listed as missing, but the number captured should be higher than that, it seems to me. I'm pretty sure that one of the privates shown as wounded in Company D (R.H. Cousins) was captured and sent to Point Lookout.
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