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Apr 1, 1999
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Dec 16-31
Eleanor Rose for "New Year's Cookies".
Albert Sailhorst for "New Year's Black Eyed Peas and Cornbread" and "Corporal's Kitchen Drinks To Ring In the New Year".
Legion Para for "Foods From Our Past".
Stiles/Akin for "Alcohol From China Berries".
USS ALASKA for "How The Army Made Lager America's Beer".

Dec 1-15
Eleanor Rose for "Grand Army Punch".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Orange Nuts".
Legion Para for "Brandy vs Sugar-18th Century Fruit Preservation".
Albert Sailhorst for "Baltimore Egg Nog".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Im Your Huckleberry, with Cake".

Nov 16-30
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Fairy Butter".
Eleanor Rose for "Old-Fashioned Mulled Wine Jelly", "North Carolina Lemon Milk Pie" and "Parkin".
lelliott 19 for "Improved Method for Boiling Coffee: 44th New York Infantry".
John Hartwell for "Deportment at Table".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Gingerbread Men, The Story Behind Our Annual Mass Cookie Carnage".

Nov 1-15
JPK Huson 1863 for "Columbus Had No Clue Pudding, 1861".
Northern Light for "Nesselrode Pie".
Eleanor Rose for "Turkey Dressing" and "Scotch Woodcock Sandwich".
major bill for "Civil War Turkeys".

Northern Light for "We Olive a Good Burger" and "Frog Eye Salad".
Eleanor Rose for "Deep Fried Flutternutter Sandwich" and "Mrs. Fisher's Gumbo".
Legion Para for "Onion Soup"
Stikes/Akin for "Apples".
Major bill for "If Apples Had A Civil War".

Eleanor Rose Carolina Caramels, Graham Bread, and California Pop Beer.
Albert Sailhorst Corporal's Kitchen Halloween Treats

Sept 17-30
Stiles/Akin for "Setting a Tea Table".
John Hartwell for "Neapolitan Pizza".
DaveBrt for "Sand Pear Pie".
Major bill for "Aeppelkuckle".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Chutney".
Eleanor Rose for "Victorian Hot Milk Sponge Cake".
Legion Para "How To Make Curry The Victorian Way".

Sept 1-16
Stiles/Akin for "Recipes Lemon Toast and Others"
Eleanor Rose for "Fortune Cookies" and "Carolina Red Rice".
Legion Para for "Barley Soup".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Poppy Seed Chicken Casserole".
Shannon Wolf for "Preserving Fruit".
Mrs. V for "Savory Pumpkin Soup".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Picnics, An Enduring Slice of National Pie".

Aug 17-31
Legion Para for "Early American Dairy (Butter)" and "Lemon Cream".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Sloe Gin" and "Farina Pudding".
Mrs. V for "Merry Meatloaf".

Aug 1-16
Eleanor Rose for "Imperial Cake" and "Champagne: A Drink for the Ages!".
Legion Para for "Fried Oysters" and "Tomato Cakes".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Cinnamon Chicken".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Honey! Why We Go To Battle with Bees".

July 17-31
Legion Para for "Rendering Suet".
Eleanor Rose for "Feather Cake" and "Huckleberry Biscuits".
Albery Sailhorst for "More Pic-Nic Favorites" ( His Corporal's Kitchen).
Stiles/Akin for "Stewed Potatoes"
JPK Huson 1863 for "Era Apples Recipes By the Bushel Basket".

July 1-16
Eleanor Rose for "1800's Breakfast Recipe".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Best Ever Carrot Recipe, Godey's 1861".
amweiner for "Salt Horse Hash".
Legion Para for "Bison Soup".

May 16-31
Stiles/Akin for "Bologna Soup".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Graham Cracker Cake".
major bill for "Southern cooking and African cooking".
Legion Para for "Nothing Goes To Waste" and "Historical French Toast".
Mrs V for "Lamb Burgers".
Eleanor Rose for "White Zinfandel Cake".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Southern Women's Household Wizardy".

May 1-15
JPK Huson for "Antique...Rations? Food for the Worm Museum, 1862".
Albert Sailhorst for "May is National Beef Month" and "May: National Egg Month".
Eleanor Rose for "Rose Petal Tea" and "Summer Rose Tea Party".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "George Washington's Freedom Reserve Beer" and "Potato Chips".
Northern Lights for "Fiddleheads".

April 16-30
Viper21 for "Bacon Apple Backstraps".
Stiles/Akin for "Colcannon recipe (cabbage and potatoes)".
Albert Sailhorst for "Corporal's Kitchen-Southern Favorites".
Eleanor Rose for "Strawberry-Clementine Pie" and "Garlic Cheese Oven Baked Tomatoes".
amweiner for "Capezzoli di Venere".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Mint Julep Cupcakes" and "Snow Cream".

April 1-15
amweiner for "Roasted Green Beans".
O' Be Joyful for "Notes on Commissary Cooking and Equipment: 1861-65"
JPK Huson 1863 for "President's Pudding"
Eleanor Rose for "National Gin & Tonic Day" and "Chinese Almond Cookies".

March 17-31
Eleanor Rose for "Stuffed Country Ham" and "Berry Crumble Pie"
Stiles/Akin for "Tote N Eat Chicken".
major bill for "The Union War on Salt" and "Rabbit the Other White Meat".
Ashley Mel for "Fruit Whip".
Albert Sailhorst for "Creole/Cajun Cooking Corporal's Kitchen".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Bacon & Egg Pie".

March 1-16
Stiles/Akin for "Legumes of the War" and "Marmorkuchen".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Roman Food for the Ides of March".
Ashley Mel for "Dirty Rice".
Albert Sailhorst for "Corned Beef Hash" and "Cabbage".
Eleanor Rose for "Traditional Irish Donegal Oatcakes" and "Roots & Shoots Are Good For You".

Feb 15-28
O' Be Joyful for "Finding a Lost Strain of Rice, and Clues to slave cooking".
Eleanor Rose for "Mock Cherry Pie and "Red Slaw".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Chocolate Angel Food Cake".
Mrs. V for "Wet Burritos".
Albert Sailhorst for "Corporal's Kitchen Valentine's Day".

Feb 1-14
Stiles/Akin for "Potato Candy".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Longevity Noodles for Chinese New Year", "Salmon Roasted in Sauce", and "Ortolan".
18th Virginia for "Mosianna Milledge".
Eleanor Rose for "Ebelskivers" and "Ground Steak Sandwich".

Jan 16-31
RobertP for "So What'd You have for supper last night" and "Stone Soup"
Stiles/Akin for "Cavalry Cooking" and "The Housewife's Manual".
Eleanor Rose for "Onion Soup" and "Boiled Peanuts: The Edamame of the South".
AshleyMel for "No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Cookies".
Albert Sailhorst for "New Year's Celebrations, Jan. 2018 Corporal's Kitchen".

Jan 1-15
Albert Sailhorst "January is National Hot Soup Month", Mock Turtle Soup. "Curried Chicken Day is Jan, 12", Curried Fowl.
Stiles/Akin "The Man Who Invented Elsie, the Borden Cow".
Anna Elizabeth Henry "How To Cook a Husband" and "Vintage - Elephant Stew".
major bill "Did Civil War soldiers know how to cook?"
Eleanor Rose "Chocolate Trivia" and "Battenburg Cake".
Northern Light "Wine Braised Lamb Shanks".
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Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!