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Apr 1, 1999
the mountain state
December 15-31
lelliott 19 for "Secret Family Pound Cake".
Stiles/Akin for "Rich's Magnolia Room Rum Balls".
modfederal for "Eating Civil War Hardtack from 1863".
Mrs. V for "I double dare you casserole" and "Yorkshire Pudding".
amweiner for "Black-Eyed Peas with Ham Hock and Collards".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Holiday Breakfast Ring" and "Ginger Nuts".
Eleanor Rose for "Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas" and "Noodle Kugel".
Albert Sailhorst for "Confederate Christmas, egg nog,molasses candy, soap, blanc mange, and mince pie..."
Pat Young for "200th Anniversary of the Importation of Guinness Stout To America".
December 1-14

mofederal for "106 Year Old Fruitcake".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Donna's CWT Holiday Treasury Cook Book".
Eleanor Rose for "Boozy Christmas Fruit Cake" and "Sufganiyot".
Northern Light for "Gumdrop Cake".
Albert Sailhorst for "Mulled Wine" and "Gingerbread".
amweiner for "Candied Maple Bacon".
peter T for "Lemoncello
Nov 15-30
Eleanor Rose for "Victorian Christmas Confections" and "Let's Talk Pudding".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Thanksgiving Recipes from Godey's Lady's Book"
Amweiner for "Skillygalee Without the Skilly".
major bill for "ramrod bread?"
JohnW for "Directions for cooking by troops, in camp and hospital".
Albert Sailhorst for "Homemade Bread-Nov.17"
Nov 1-14
nitrofd for "Vintage Cookbooks".
Eleanor Rose for "Cherry Bounce" and "Most Popular Cookbook in 1837".
Mrs. V for "Mrs V's Bean Soup".
JohnW for "The Picayune Creole Cookbook".
Albert Sailhorst for "West Indian Pudding" and "Preserved Pumpkin".
Amweiner for "Mashed Potatoes Donedidup Right".
Stiles/Akin for "Southern Biscuits and Chocolate Gravy"
Oct 17-31
Stiles Akin for "domestic recipe manuscripts", "Papis Chili"
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Madeira Cake", "Victoria Buns"
Albert Sailhorst for "Apple Recipes".
JPChurch for "One of my favorite cookbooks".
MrsV for " The care and feeding of cast iron cookware"
Oct 1 - 15
Stiles/Akin for "Musconado Sugar", "The Practice of Cooking: Adapted to the Business of Every Day Life"
Albert Sailhorst for "Pot Apple Pie - Oct. Is Apple Month", "Pumpkin Pie - Oct. Is Pumpkin Month" and "Pork Chops - Oct Is Pork Month".
John Hartwell for "Shadow Soup"
Sept 16-30
Albert Sailhorst for "Corporal's Kitchen "Apples Recipes".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Cheesy Ground Beef and Rice Casserole" and "History of Breakfast".
JohnW for "Café du Monde".
major bill for "The soft drink invented by the Civil War".
Stiles/Akin for "Cajun Macaroni and Cheese" and "Corn Stalk Syrup".
Amweiner for "Meatball subs", "Meatballs the real deal
Sept 1-15
Albert Sailhorst for "Pear Sauce", "Pumpkin Bread"
Amweiner for "Hogs In A Blanket" and "International Bacon Day".
Mike Serpa for "Willaim Mahone's Sterling Silver Centerpiece".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Favorite Fall Foods" and "Poor Man's Soup"
nitrofd for "Sept. 10th National TV Dinner Day"
Aug 16-31
Albert Sailhorst for "My Son Cooking At A Reenactment" & "Corporal's Kitchen Bread Recipes"
Dedej for "Foods of the Enslaved Series".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Kitchen Gadgets" and "Root Beer Baked Beans".
Amweiner for "No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Cookies".
nitrofd for "National Food Days, including "Chop Suey Day".
Stiles/Akin for "Grandpa's Favorite Cabbage and Noodles'
Aug 1-15
JPK Huson 1863 for "Feeding Armies, Journalism's Steaming Retrospective".
Eleanor Rose for "Giggle Juice".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Summer Minestrone Soup".
Stiles/Akin for "Schnitz un Knepp".
Albert Sailhorst for all his peach recipes, including "Baked Peach Dumplings" & "Peach Meringue Pie" and for "Sandwiches".
Amweiner for "History of Mustard" & "Crispy Pork"
Martini- Henry for "Shortbread sable with raspberries"
Major bill for "Ice Cream"
July 16-31
John Hartwell for "Blackberries for the Soldiers".
Loyaltyofdog for "Gunpowder Tea".
Eleanor Rose for "Alligator Cheesecake".
Stiles/Akin for "Oven Baked Zucchini Fries".
amweiner for "Watermelon Granita" and "Coleslaw".
RobertP for "Spaghetti with Squash".
majorbill for "Is it Ketchup or Catsup? Maybe Catchup?"
AlbertSailhorst for "Tomatoes -Recipes and History".
nitrofd for the National Food Days, including "National Chicken Wing Day"
July 1-15
major bill for "Civil War Beer".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Calf's Heads and Other Era Vegetarian Delights".
Pat Young for "Ice was still scarce" How Common was Ice In Union Regiments?"
Albert Sailhorst for "Spinach" and "Buttermilk Ice Cream".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Coffee Ice Cream" and "Blackened Catfish Cakes".
Jimklag for "Caprese Sandwich"
Stiles/Akin for "Spam Cakes".
AshleyMel for "Cherry Jam".
nitrofd for "White House Menu for July 4th, 1887".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Calf's Heads and Other Era Vegetarian Delights".
Pat Young for "Ice was still scarce" How Common was Ice In Union Regiments?"
Amweiner for "Carrot Hot Dogs"
June 16-30
Mike Serpa for "Civil War Veterans share stories - 1908"
JohnW. for "Sausage and Apples".
major bill for "Eid al-Fir"
JPK Huson 1863 for "Era Spanning Piped Flowers, A Buttercream Wedding" and "Godey's Boils Your Goose - and Other Culinary Delights"
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Brussels Biscuit or Rusks" and "Kentucky Bourbon Cake"
Jackson'sArm for "Jeff Davis Pie" and "Custard Filled Cornbread"
amweiner for "Plums", "Desiceated Vegetables", and "Ribs without Rules"
Albert Sailhorst for "Bar-Be-Cue" Corporal's Kitchen", and "Baked Shad"
June 1-15
JPK Huson 1863 for "Spun Sugar, Fondant Lace and Cake; Victorians Played with Food".
Will Carry "Confederate delicacy: Boiled Cat".
Albert Sailhorst for "Clarified Lemonade", "Dandelion Tea", and "Ice Orangeade".
amweiner for "Grill Roasted Turkey with Bacon Herb Mayo"
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Blackberry Hand Pies"
nitrofd for "Best Ice Cream Topping Ever" and "Henry Clay's Favorite Dish"
May 17-31
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Chocolate Cake" and Tomato Melon Salad".
Eleanor Rose for "Krispy Kreme Cake".
CMWinkler for "A Memorial Day Drink That Honors Civil War Soldiers".
amweiner for "Burnt Ends For Burnside".
ucvrelics for "Louisiana Troops and Crawfish Boil".
Albert Sailhorst for "Dessicated Vegetables, Pork Soup and Pea Soup".
nitrofd for National Food Days, including "National Hamburger Day"
May 1-16
Stiles/Akin for "Puree of String Beans, Potatoes and Eggs, Tomato Jam"
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Broccoli Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad" and "Scotch Bread".
Amweiner for "Cuban Sandwiches", "Strawberry Mint Juleps", and "Royal Strawberry Acid".
Albert Sailhorst for "Tomato Wine" and "Strawberry Vinegar".
April 17-30
amweiner for "General Grant's Breakfast, "Ruby Davis's Collard Greens, and "Royal Strawberry Acid".
Stiles/Akin for "Panola", and "Cloud Bread".
JPK Huson 1863 for "Moss. It's What's For Breakfast" and "Godey's Lady's Book recipe for catsup".
Story for "The Cochrane Dishwasher".
7th Mississippi Infantry for "Fighting Joe Wheeler Father of the modern Daiquiri?".
Albert Sailhorst for "Corporal Kitchen's Boiled Pork & Bean Soup".
April 1-16
18th Virginia for "Crawfish Boil on Good Friday".
Stiles/Akin for "Homemade Pimento Cheese" and "Boiled Peanut Power".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Lady Baltimore Cake".
JPKHuson 1863 for "Soup In A Cam (P).
Albert Sailhorst for " Roast Leg of Mutton".
Amweiner for "Fried Matzah".
March 1-31
texaswildcat for "Help Identifying German Cooking Pot".
Albert Sailhorst for "Beef A La Mode".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Chicken Pot Pie Crescent Ring" and "Pasta with Butternut Squash".
nitrofd for several National Days, including "National Cold Cut Day".
Stiles/Akin for "Biscuit Recipe Used by Confederate Soldiers."
Shannon Wolf for "Camp Fires and Camp Cooking".
Albert Sailhorst "Corporal's Kitchen "Roast Ham" and "Vinegar Recipes"
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Dixie Custard Pie" and "History of the Cupcake".
amweiner for "Molasses Candy".
nitrofd for several National Food Days, in particular "National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day"
Feb 15-28
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Croque Monsieur Sandwich" and "Peanut Butter and Jelly Muffins."
Albert Sailhorst for "Corporal's Kitchen To Corn Beef".
nitrofd for National Days in February, including "National Kahlua Day".
Feb 1-14
Legion Para for "Soldiers Loved a Refreshing Cup of Coffee".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Crepes in Broth" and "Bath Buns".
Stiles/Akin for "Pimento Cheese Tomato Pie" and "Cream Cheese Pound Cake".
Albert Sailhorst for "Bologna Sausages".
Pavel for "Ethnic: Russian Food From 1850-1900".
Jan 17-31
Pavel for "Russian Scrambled Eggs and Sauerkraut."
Stiles/Akin for "The Best Kitchen Gadget of the 1600's Was a Small, Short-Legged Dog."
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Apple Snowballs."
nitrofd for "Cold Sesame Noodles."
mrdix for "General Ingredients-process question."
Albert Sailhorst for "Corporal's Kitchen Valentine's Day, Scott's Battery February 2017 Newsletter."
Billy 1977 for "The Civil War food supplies thread."
major bill for "Simple Confederate Recipes."
Jan 1 - 16
Martini-Henry for "Scottish Crowder" and "Clootie Dumpling".
Stiles/Akin for "Moon Pie".
Legion Para for "Jack Daniel's Coffee".
AshleyMel for "Peach Cobbler Muffins".
Anna Elizabeth Henry for "Blueberry-Earl Grey Scones" and Raspberry Mint Scones
John Winn for "Cajun bean soup".
Albert Sailhorst for "Robert E. Lee Cake".
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Jul 12, 2007
Aledo, IL
Man, if only there was some way to get all of us together and have the Biggest, Baddest, Most Awesome, Diet Busting Potluck Ever Made! Featuring these dishes, of course. :smile:
DANG!!.....Now that is an idea!! Y'all could meet at my place and camp out for a while, then we'd all whup up some fine meals!!

JPK Huson 1863

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Feb 14, 2012
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I hope others get inspired and post their recipes too. All are much appreciated.

It would be fun to have cook out together. There would be some great dishes to share.

If anyone would like me to bring a calf's head to a picnic, will need some time. We don't eat veal, is the thing? It may taste an awful lot like buttercream frosting.

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