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Tonight we are going to feature 8 fine ladies from the 1860's. Fella's no touching, these ladies are all accounted for!

Our first Lady of the night says she enjoys literature, and comes all the way from Kentucky, it's Pauline Mosby!

Don't tell our next lady that she has side burns! Her family is part owner of a firearms company, that's probably not a smart idea. It's Mary Burnside!

This next lady, well 1859 went a little sideways for her, let's just say her husband went murderously insane over her, at least temporarily.... It's Teresa Sickles!

Our next Lady is a fine strong lady from Michigan, it's Libby Custer!

We also have Almira, the lady with the sunny disposition, Hancock! She comes all the way from St. Louis, Missouri!

And then there is Lemonade Lucy Hayes, she's our sixth lady, but she'll always be the First Lady in our heart!

Oh, sorry Lady's...

Julia Grant is also here, she was going to be our final Lady, but I think she was getting impatient... she also wants us to remember her as a first lady too, isn't that swell, a real charmer, isn't she?

Okay, let's bring out our final lady....

And here is Kate Sprague... no wait, you want to go by... she wants to go by Kate Chase... Kate Chase from Cincinnati, Ohio everyone....

Well that's all of our ladies, what a show. Lots to see here, plenty of things to discuss! Back to the party!

Oh, in case you are confused, checkout the HOMPAGE!
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Mrs. Sickles looks a tad creepy... I'll hang out with Libby and Kate for the night. We can talk about boys and gossip while the husbands aren't looking. :bounce: