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Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Delaware Unit Histories:

1. History of the First Regiment Delaware Volunteers by William P Seville
2. A Brief Account of Services Rendered by the Second Regiment Delaware Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion by Robert G Smith
3. Four Years in the War: The History of the First Regiment of Delaware Veteran Volunteers by Thomas G Murphey

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Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Louisiana unit histories:

1. Reminiscences of Uncle Silas: A History of the Eighteenth Louisiana Infantry Regiment by Silas T Grisamore
2. The First Louisiana Special Battalion: Wheat's Tigers in the Civil War by Gary Schrenkengost
3. The Louisiana Tigers or Two Louisiana Brigades of the Army of Northern Virginia 1861-1865 by Alison Moore
4. A Cavalryman's Reminiscences of the War (1st Louisiana Cavalry) by Howell Carter
5. Story of the 26th Louisiana Infantry in the Service of the Confederate Soldier by Winchester Hall
6. Diary in Gray: Letters and Journals of a Confederate Soldier (26th Louisiana Infantry) by Jared Y Sanders II
7. No Pardons to Ask For, Nor Apologies to Make: The Journal of William Henry King, Gray's 28th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
by Gary Joiner
8. The Fourth Louisiana Battalion in the Civil War by Terry G Scriber
9. As it Was: Reminiscences of a Soldier in the Third Texas Cavalry and the Nineteenth Louisiana Infantry by Douglas C Cater
10. In Camp and Battle With the Washington Artillery of New Orleans: A Narrative of Events during the Late Civil War from Bull Run to Appomattox and Spanish Fort by Willam Miller Owen
11. The Pride of the Confederate Artillery: The Washington Artillery in the Army of Tennessee by Nathaniel C Hughes jr
12. Irish Rebels, Confederate Tigers: A History of the 6th Louisiana Volunteers by James Gannon
13. Twenty-Seventh Louisiana Volunteer Infantry by Terry G Scriber
14. A Southern Record: The History of the Third Regiment Louisiana Infantry by W. H. Tunnard
15. Confederate Chaplain: A War Journal of Rev. James B Sheehran (14th Louisiana) by Rev James B Sheehran
16. Company G, 1st Regiment Louisiana Cavalry CSA: A Narrative by Nelson Gremillion


Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Georgia Unit Histories:

1. Confederate Sharpshooter Major William E Simmons: Through the War with the 16th Georgia Infantry and 3rd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters by Joseph P Byrd IV
2. A Fine Body of Athletic Soldiers: A History of the 11th Georgia Cavalry Regiment by John Latty
3. The Gallant Little 7th: A History of the 7th Georgia Cavalry Regiment by John Latty
4. I Will Give Them One More Shot: Ramsey's First Regiment Georgia Volunteers by George W Martin
5. Saddle Bag and Spinning Wheel: Being the Civil War Letters of George W Peddy M.D. Surgeon 56th Georgia Volunteer Regiment CSA
and His Wife Kate Featherstone Peddy by George P Cuttino
6. Under the Stars and Bars or Four years Service with the Ogelthorpes of Augusta Georgia by Walter Clark
7. The Sumter Flying Artillery: A Civil War History of the Eleventh Battalion Georgia Light Infantry by James Speicher
8. The 43rd Georgia Infantry Regiment: Army of Tennessee CSA by James W Bell
9. South Georgia Rebels: The True Wartime Experiences of the 26th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry Lawton-Gordon-Evans
Brigade Confederate States Army 1861-1865 by Alton J Murray
10. The Granite Farm Letters: The Civil War Correspondence of Edgeworth and Sallie Bird (15th Georgia) by Edgeworth Bird
11. Company F, Thomson Guards. Tenth Regiment Georgia Volunteers, Army of Northern Virginia by Thomas E Holley
12. The Second Georgia Infantry Regiment by F Mikell Harper
13. Going Back the Way They Came: The Phillips Georgia Legion Cavalry Battalion by Richard Coffman
14. For Home and the Southland: A History of the 48th Georgia Infantry Regiment by John Zwemmer
15. Weep Not For Me Dear Mother (16th Georgia) by Elizabeth W Roberson
16. The Field Diary of a Confederate Soldier while serving with the Army of Northern Virginia (49th Georgia) by Draughton S Haynes
17. A Post of Honor: The Pryor Letters 1861-1863, Letters from Captain S.G. Pryor Twelfth Georgia by S G Pryor
18. Historical Sketches of Barton's (Later Stovall's) Georgia Brigade Army of Tennessee CSA by Joseph Bogle
19. Our Connection with Savannah: History of the 1st Battalion Sharpshooters 1862-1865 by Russell K Brown
20. To Honor These Men: A History of the Phillips Georgia Legion Battalion by Richard M Coffman
21. Lee and Jackson's Bloody Twelfth: The Letters of Irby Goodwin Scott First Lieutenant Company G Putnam Light Infantry Twelfth
Georgia Volunteer Infantry by Johnnie P Pearson
22. Red Dirt and Isinglass: A Wartime Biography of a Confederate Soldier (45th Georgia) by Henry McCrea
23. 4 Years on the Firing Line (21st Georgia) by James Cooper
24. Forty-Fifth Georgia Volunteer Infantry: A History by Henry V McCrea
25. A Scythe of War: A Civil War Story of the Eighth Georgia Infantry Regiment by Steven E Woodworth
26. Red Clay to Richmond (35th Georgia) by Joh J Fox III
27. A History of the 31st Georgia Volunteer Infantry: This Most Bloody and Cruel Drama by Gregory C White
28. The Ogelthorpe Light Infantry: A Military History by Lindsey P Henderson
29. Brief History of the 30th Georgia Regiment by AP Adamson
30. Hell's Broke Loose in Georgia (57th Georgia) by Scott Walker
31. Footprints of a Regiment: A Recollection of the 1st Georgia Regulars 1861-1865 by W.H. Andrews
32. Cracker Cavaliers: The 2nd Georgia Cavalry under Wheeler and Forrest by John R Poole
33. In the Saddle: The Exploits of the 5th Georgia Cavalry during the Civil War by Timothy Daiss


Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Kentucky Union Unit Histories:

1. The 10th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War: A History and Roster by Dennis W Belcher
2. A Hundred Miles, A Hundred Heartbreaks (17th Kentucky) by John Blackburn
3. I Will Uphold the Flag: The Life of Colonel Rueben May 1815-1902 (7th Kentucky Infantry) by Dale and Sharon Sternberg
4. The Union Regiments of Kentucky by Captain Thomas Speed
5. Glory Gone Forgotten: The Untold Story of the 12th Kentucky Cavalry
6. A Southern Boy in Blue: The Memoir of Marcus Woodcock 9th Kentucky Cavalry by Marcus Woodcock


Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Texas Confederate Unit Histories:

1. Hurrah for the Texans: Civil War Letters of George W. Ingram (4th Texas Cavalry) by George W Ingram
2. Chapters of the Unwritten History of the War Between the States (15th Texas Cavalry) by R. M. Collins
3. Polignac's Texas Brigade by Alwyn Barr
4. Touched by Fire: Letters From Company D 5th Texas Infantry Hood's Brigade Army of Northern Virginia 1862-1865 edited
by Eddy Parker
5. History of Captain B.F. Benton's Company, Hood's Texas Brigade 1861-1865 (1st Texas Infantry) by O.T. Hanks
6. A Brief and Condensed History of Parson's Texas Cavalry Brigade by Parson's Texas Calvary Brigade Association
7. The "Bloody Fifth" - The Fifth Texas Infantry Regiment, Hood's Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia 2 volumes
by John Schmutz
8. Texas Batteries, Battalions and Regiments, Commanders and Field Officers CSA 1861-1865 by Lester N Fitzhugh
9. Leon County CSA Sketches: A Partial of Officers and Men Raised in Leon County Texas by W.D. Wood
10. Fighting With Ross' Texas Brigade CSA: The Diary of George L Griscom Adjutant 9th Texas Cavalry Regiment by George L Griscom
11. The Marshall Guards: Company F, 1st Texas Infantry by Harold B Simpson
12. First Texas Regiment by George T Todd
13. The Adventures of a Tenderfoot: History of 2nd Mounted Regiment Rifles and Co. G 33 Regiment and Captain Coopwood's Spy
Company and 2nd Texas in Texas and New Mexico by E.B. D'Hamel
14. The First Texas Legion During the Civil War by Allen G Hatley
15. West of the Mississippi with Waller's 13th Texas Cavalry Battalion CSA by Charles Spurlin
16. Reluctant Rebels: The Eleventh Texas Cavalry Regiment by Allen G Hatley
17. The Dead Men Wore Boots: An Account of the 32nd Texas Volunteer Cavalry CSA 1862-1865 by Carl L Duane
18. Granbury's Texas Brigade: Diehard Western Confederates by John R Lundberg
19. The Civil War Letters of David R Garrett, Detailing the Adventures of teh 6th Texas Cavalry CSA edited by Max S Lale and
Hobart Key jr
20. Reminiscences of the Boys in Gray 1861-1865 (various Texas veteran accounts) by Mamie Yeary
21. Terry Texas Ranger Trilogy by J.k.P. Blackburn
22. Douglas's Texas Battery CSA by James P Douglas
23. Suffering to Silence: 29th Texas Cavalry CSA by John C Grady
24. Waul's Texas Legion 1862-1865 by Robert A Hasskarl
25. Terry's Texas Rangers: History of the Eighth Texas Cavalry by Bryan S Bush
26. Reminiscences of the Civil War by Judge Jno W. Stevens, A Soldier in Hood's Texas Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia (5th Texas)
by John Stevens
27. Daniel's Battery: The 9th Texas Field Battery by John D Perkins
28. Texans in Gray: A Regimental History of the 18th Texas Infantry Walker's Texas Division by James H Davis
29. The War Between the States as I saw It: Reminiscences, Historical and Personal (3rd and 9th Texas) by A.W. Sparks
30. Cannon Smoke: The Letters of John J. Good (Douglas's Texas Battery) by John J. Good
31. Peculiar Honor: History of the 28th Texas Cavalry by Jane Johansson
32. Ross' Texas Brigade: Being a Narrative of Events Connected with it's Service in the Late War Between the States by Victor Rose
33. Confederate Capitol and Hood's Texas Brigade by Angelina Winkler
34. The Bugle Blows Softly: the Confederate Diary of Benjamin M Seaton (10th Texas) by Benjamin M Seaton
35. Only a Private: A Texan Remembers the Civil War, The Memoirs of William J Oliphant (6th Texas Infantry) by William J Oliphant
36. Moss Bluff Rebel: A Texas Pioneer in the Civil War (21st Texas Infantry) by Philip R Caudill
37. Lone Star Confederate: A Gallant and Good Soldier of the Fifth Texas Infantry by George Skoch
38. As it Was: Reminiscences of a Soldier of teh Third Texas Cavalry and the Nineteenth Louisiana Infantry by Douglas John Cater
39. Tejanos in Gray: The Civil War Letters of Captains Joseph Rafael de la Garza and Manuel Yturri (6th Texas Infantry)
by Dr Jerry Thompson Ph.D.
40. Soldier's Letters to Charming Nellie (4th Texas Infantry) by J.B. Polley
41. Rebel Private Front and Rear (5ht Texas) by William Andrew Fletcher
42. Between the Enemy and Texas: Parson's Texas Cavalry in the Civil War by Anne J Bailey
43. Terrell's Texas Cavalry by John Spencer
44. A Terry Texas Ranger:The Life Record of H.W. Graber by H.W.Graber
45.The Campaigns of Walker's Texas Division by J.P. Blessington
46.The Lone Star Defenders: A Chronicle of the Third Texas Cavalry Regiment in the Civil War by Samuel Barron
47. A Texas Cavalry Officer's Civil War: The Dairy and Letters of James C Bates (9th Texas Cavalry) by Richard Lowe
48. All Afire to Fight: The Untold Tale of the Civil Wars 9th Texas Cavalry by Martha Crabb
49. Fourteen Hundred and Ninety One Days in the Confederate Army: A Journal Kept by W.W. Heartsill for Four Years, One Month and One Day (2nd Texas Cavalry) by W.W. Heartsill
50. The Third Texas Cavalry in the Civil War by Douglas Hale
51. The Ragged Rebel: A Common Soldier in W.H. Parson's Texas Cavalry 1861-1865 (12th Texas Cavalry) by B.P. Gallaway
52. Horse Sweat and Powder Smoke: The First Texas Cavalry in the Civil War by Stanley S McGowen
53. The Cypress Rangers in the Civil War: The Experiences of 85 Cavalrymen from Texas (9th Texas Cavalry) by James H Davis
54. The Second Texas Infantry: From Shiloh to Vicksburg by Joseph Chance
55. Tom Jone's Hood's Texas Brigade Sketchbook by Tom Jones
56. A Texan in Search of a Fight: Being the Diary and Letters of a Private Soldier in Hood's Texas Brigade (4th Texas) by John C West
57. Confederate From East Texas: The Civil War Letters of James Monroe Watson (10th Texas Cavalry) by James M Watson
58. One of Cleburne's Commands: The Civil War Reminiscences and Diary of Captain Samuel T Foster, Granbury's Texas Brigade CSA
(24th Texas Cavalry) by Samuel T Foster
59. Westward the Texans: The Civil War Journal of Private William Randolph Howell (4th Texas Mounted Volunteers) by William R Howell
60. Walker's Texas Division CSA: Greyhounds of the Trans Mississippi by Richard G Lowe
61. This Band of Heroes: Granbury's Texas Brigade CSA by James McCaffrey
62. The Confederate Guns of Navarro County (various Texas commands) by John Spencer
63. From Corsicana to Appomattox: The Story of the Corsicana Invincibles and Navarro Rifles by John Spencer
64. Living and Fighting with the Texas Sixth Cavalry by Newton Keen
65. Journey to Pleasant Hill: The Civil War Letters of Captain Elijah P. Petty, Walker's Texas Division CSA by Elijah P Petty
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Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Mississippi Unit Histories:

1. The Sixteenth Mississippi Infantry: Civil War Letters and Reminiscences , Major S.H. Giles Q.M. by by Robert Evans
2. Magnolia Brass: Mississippi's Confederate Officer Corps and Field Staff Officers by H Grady Howell
3. Grandfather's Journal: Company B Sixteenth Mississippi Infantry Volunteers, Harris' Brigade, Mahone's Divison, Hill's Corps A.N.V.
by Austin Dobbins
4. For Dixie Land I'll Take My Stand: A Muster Listing of all Known Mississippi Confederate Soldiers (4volume set) by H Grady Howell
5. The Third Battalion Mississippi Infantry and the 45th Mississippi Regiment: A Civil War History by David Williamson
6. Soldiering for Glory: The Civil War Letters of Colonel Frank Schaller, Twenty Second Mississippi Infantry by Mary W Schaller
7. Journal of Wm. Pitt Chambers: 46th Mississippi CSA by William Pitt Chambers
8. War Years C.S.A.: 12th Mississippi Regiment S.H. Giles
9. The Life and Times of Pvt Tipton Bradford Garrison and the 41st Mississippi Infantry Regiment CSA by James E Garrison
10. Going to Meet the Yankees: A History of the "Bloody Sixth" Mississippi Infantry CSA by H Grady Howell
11. The Mississippi Brigade of Brig. General Joseph R Davis by T.P. Williams
12. A Mississippi Rebel in the Army of Northern Virginia: The Civil War Memoirs of Private David Hold by David Holt
13. Tithes of Blood: A Confederate Soldiers Story (11th Mississippi Infantry) by Billy Ellis
14. The Gentle Rebel: The Civil War Letters of 1st Lt William Harvey Berryhill, Co. D 43rd Regiment Mississippi Volunteers
by William Harvey Berryhill
15. Horsemen of the Jeff Davis Legion: The Expanded Roster of the Men and Officers of the Jeff Davis Legion Cavalry
Donald A Hopkins
16. Kemper County Rebel: The Civil War Diary of Robert Masten Holmes C.S.A. (24th Mississippi Infantry) by Robert M Holmes
17. A Life for the Confederacy: As Recorded in the Pocket Diaries of Pvt. Robert A Moore, Co. G 17th Mississippi Regiment, Confederate Guards by Robert A Moore
18. The University Greys: Company A Eleventh Mississippi Regiment by Maud M Brown
19. Lamar Rifles: A History of Co. G Eleventh Mississippi Regiment C.S.A. by T.P. Buford
20. The Little Jeff: The Jeff Davis Legion Cavalry Army of Northern Virginia by Donald Hopkins


Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Tennessee Union Histories:

1. Loyal Mountain Troopers: The Second and Third Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry in the Civil War by John W Anders
2. Volunteers for the Union and Liberty: History of the 5th Tennessee Infantry USA 1862-1865 by Robert Cannon
3. The Loyal Mountaineers Tennessee by Thomas Humes
4. History of the Thirteenth Regiment Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry USA by Samuel W Scott
5. History of the Fourth Tennessee Cavalry by Alexander Eckel
6. History of the First Regiment of Tennessee Volunteer Cavalry by W.R. Carter
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Jul 31, 2009
Northern California
Tennessee Confederate Histories:

1. Cry Havoc: A History of the 49th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment 1861-1865 by C Wallace Cross
2. Mountaineers in Gray: The Nineteenth Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Regiment CSA by John D Fowler
3. The Williamson Country Cavalry: A History of Company F, Fourth Tennessee Cavalry Regiment CSA by Michael Cotten
4. History of the Twentieth Tennessee Regiment Volunteer Infantry CSA by W.J. Murray
5. Forward My Brave Boys: A History of the 11th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry CSA 1861-1865 by M Todd Cathey
6. The Old Nineteenth Tennessee Regiment CSA by Dr. W.J. Worsham
7. From the Flame of Battle to the Fiery Cross: The 3rd Tennessee Infantry with a Complete Roster by James Van Eldik
8. All Right Let Them Come: The Civil War Diary of an East Tennessee Confederate (60th Tennessee) by Charles S Northen
9. The Ninth Tennessee Infantry: A Roster by James R Fleming
10. Notes of a Private: Company E, 7th Tennessee Regiment Forrest's Cavalry Corps CSA by John Milton Hubbard
11.Fourth Tennessee Cavalry Regiment by George Guild
12. Campaigns and Battles of the Sixteenth Regiment, Tennessee Volunteers in the War Between the States: With Incidental Sketches of the Part Performed by other Tennessee Troops in the same War by Thomas A Head
13. A History of the Henry County Commands Which Served in the Confederate States Army (Various Tennessee Units by
Edwin H Rennolds
14. The Old Guard in Gray: Researches in the Annals of the Confederate Historical Association: Sketches of Memphis Veterans who Upheld Her Standard in the War and of Other Confederate Worthies by J Harvey Mathes
15. For the Sake of My Country: The Diary of Col. W.W. Ward, 9th Tennessee Cavalry, Morgan's Brigade CSA by R.B. Rosenburg
16. The Seventh Tennessee Cavalry, Confederate: A History by J.P. Young
17. Tennessee's Forgotten Warriors: Frank Cheatham and His Confederate Division by Christopher Losson
18. Co. Aytch 1st Tennessee by Sam R. Watkins
19. Holding the Line: The Third Tennessee Infantry 1861-1864 by Flavel C Barber
20. Personal Record of the Thirteenth Regiment Tennessee Infantry by A.J. Vauhghn
21. The Tennessee Brigade by Joe Bennett McBrien
22. Hancock's Diary: Or A History of the Second Tennessee Confederate Cavalry with Sketches of the First and Seventh Battalions by
R.R. Hancock

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