Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

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Nov 16, 2015
I have finished reading" Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson" by Bronwyn Mills,published by Gallery Books,a division of W.H. Smith Publishers Inc.,New York,NY.
The book on Jackson is part of a series on "Great American Generals of the Civil War" which includes books on Grant,Sherman and Lee. I read the book to quickly refresh my mind on Stonewall Jackson. The book has only 80 pages.
The author wanted to explore Jackson as military leader and his eccentric behavior and wanted to examine the "what if" Jackson had not died early in the war. Could the South have won the war had Jackson lived? The author concedes that Jackson was a military genius,and though his eccentric behavior might have been odd to many, Jackson usually had a reason for what he did. Mills points to Jackson having the bodies of his men who had fallen at Malvern Hill stacked in rows and their bodies covered. When asked why he was doing this Jackson replied,"Well,I am going to attack here presently,as soon as the fog rises,and it won't do to march the troops over their own dead,you know."
As for Jackson helping the South win the Civil, Mills wrote that Jackson had faced only Union military leaders who did not have the greatest of reputations. Would Jackson have defeated such leaders as Grant and Sherman? The author also noted that Jackson was fortunate to have had cavalry men the caliber of Turner Ashby who died before Jackson and Jeb Stuart who died shortly after Jackson's death.
This book is not for the serious student who wants to explore Jackson's life and leadership in depth. I thought the writing style was good and the book has many pictures, both in color and black and white. Sources are lacking in this book,but the author does use quotations of Jackson's contemporaries in the book. Another criticism of the book is that it has maps of the Mexican War,the Shenandoah Campaign, and the Seven Days Battle,but lacks a map of the Battle of Antietam.
I bought the set of these books years ago when they were on sale. I saw at one website the book had a rating of 3. A reviewer suggested this book would be good for teenagers or a beginning Civil War student.
Bronwyn Mills is a writer,teacher,and historian who studied history at the University of Delaware and at the University of Michigan.
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