Tell My Dear Sisters

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Jul 12, 2015

Description Round canister shot made into a watch fob and chain.

Material Metal

Dimensions Dia-1 inches

Owned Robert B. Armistead

Owner Regiment 22nd Alabama Infantry

Event Battle of Shiloh / Pittsburg Landing

Provenance Maj. Robert B. Armistead of the 22nd Alabama Infantry was mortally wounded at the Battle of Shiloh on April 6, 1862. This canister shot was extracted from his body.

A letter of condolence written by Thomas W. Oliver to Armistead's sister, Rosalie Virginia Armistead Fitzpatrick, on April 11, 1862, provides some details regarding Armistead's mortal wounding: "...He was struck by a grape shot in the right side, the shot passing through to the surface on the opposite side. He was conscious that his wound was mortal, but was calm and resigned. Feeling assured that he could survive but a short time, I asked him if he wished me to do anything for him. He said nothing except 'Tell my dear sisters [ Rosalie Virginia and Lizzie Rowe Armistead Sayre] how I loved them, and that my last hours are spent in thoughts of them; I know how they will suffer when they hear this.' He frequently reverted to this, and it seemed to be the only thought that troubled him. When the surgeon came to him he said: 'Doctor, I have great confidence in your opinion, examine my wound and give me a candid answer; I do not fear death; I know I must die, but I wish to know how long I have to live.' "The surgeon examined the wound, but remained silent. Major Armistead understood him clearly, but no trepidation was visible, no alarm expressed. He remained calm as if merely reclining to rest. He frequently spoke of the grief his sisters would feel. He said to me, 'I have died in the right place, I hope at the right time, I know in the right cause.' I am thus circumstantial because I know every word and incident of this final hour will interest you. I did all I could to make him comfortable under the circumstances, while I remained with him."
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