Sylvan Grove


Feb 16, 2021
what is the best way to track Gen Kilpatricks Calvary movements through Jefferson County Georgia on the March to the Sea?
A Union report stated “Our route was across Long Bridge, Factory Gibson, Sylvan Grove, Woodburn, Waynesborough, back across Rocky Creek, Rocky Creek Church, Buck Head Creek, and Louisville.”
I’m looking fir more specifics as to what roads may have been used. Our farm is located about five miles from Sylvan Grove. I have gone to the Library of Congress website for period maps but there are several possibilities for routes he may have taken. Curious if there were field notes that may have been kept. Any help appreciated.
Jul 19, 2016
Spotsylvania Virginia
Hi @mikelcar and welcome to Soldiers who fought on Horseback.
I am not familiar with the Atlanta Campaign so I am clueing in @Chattahooch33 who I am sure can point you in the right direction.
In the interim you might want to look for official reports, or the Georgia State Library for help. I ve found their online service to be excellent.
Thanks for joining our forum and I will keep and eye on your request to ensure someone helps answer your questions.