Spy in Gettysburg Campaign


Jan 12, 2016
If one assumes that the Gettysburg Campaign lasted until Lee's Army returned to the Rappahannock River line then who was this "Gettysburg" spy? or was this just a camp rumor?

John Merrell's Diary, Battery H 1st Ohio, July 21, 1863. At this time the Battery was near Unionville (Unison, Va).
"We caught a spy yesterday and it is reported that he is to be hung this afternoon near here, but do not know how true it
will prove. He said that he belonged to Kilpatrick's Cavalry and was one of his scouts, but
they soon found out that it was not so which fully convinced our men that he was a spy."

Henry Hartman, Battery H, 1st Ohio, July 21, 1863
"caught a rebel Spye... in Federal officer's uniform... reported that said Spye was hung at 6 P.M."

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