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Condiments Seven-Years Catsup

seven-years catsup
(from Godey's Ladies Magazine, edited by L.A. Godey, Sarah J. Hale, 1860)


2 quarts of the oldest strong beer​
1 quart red wine​
3/4 lb. anchovies​
3 oz. shalots​
1/2 oz. mace​
1/2 oz. nutmeg​
1/4 oz. cloves​
3 large races of ginger​


Take two quarts of the oldest strong beer, put to it one quart of red wine, three-quarters of a pound of anchovies, three ounces of shalots peeled, half an ounce of mace, the same of nutmeg, quarter of an ounce of cloves, three large races of ginger cut in slices, and boil all together over a moderate fire till one-third is wasted. When quite cold, put it into a large jar covered up, and leave it there for a week or two, until the sediment is wasted, and the clear liquor is perfectly transparent; then strain it through a fine hair sieve, taste it, and add to it a little of any essence of spice, oil, or vinegar which you think may improve it, and, if the liquid be not perfectly clear, give it a smart boil; when cool, bottle it in very small bottles, to prevent its frequent exposure to the air.​