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Apr 1, 1999
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I found threads in the History Forums, in the Biography forums, in the Political forums, in the Moderated forums, I even found Secession discussions in Campfire Chat.

But now I've found most all of them and put them together and created this new study area for the Causes of Secession of the Southern States from the United States after the Election of Abraham Lincoln.

After two weeks of tearing the old forums apart and searching for lots of threads about Secession, this is where we are at:

We've got 5 sub forums +1 additional sub-forum about Secession.

What the heck am I talking about?

Okay, we have 5 Sub-Forums:
  • The Issue of States Rights
  • Southern Economy & Tariffs Promoted Disunion
  • The Election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860
  • Southern Declarations of Secession
  • and Additional Discussion on Secession

But then we also have this: Slavery as a Cause for Secession (at SlaveryTalk)

Unfortunately, that last forum is not in this group because the majority of those discussion will be about Slavery, and that's not the primary topic here in this forum.

Yes, I'm sure we all understand and agree that Slavery was an issue at the time that was a driving factor for bitterness between the North and South, but was it the one that drove Secession? That's the reason we have this forum, to look at every issue, every topic, from every angle.

Think of it as the Secession discussion in two flavors, the one with slavery, and the one without. You can read one, or the other, or both! You have the power, and the choice to do what you want.

Anyway.... The question is, did I create good categories for the Secession Forums, and if I didn't what needs to be changed?

Are the category names good?

Do we need More Categories? Do Categories need Merged? Are the Categories Confusing?

How would you organize these Threads or Forums differently?

I'd appreciate any comments or critiques you give, because feedback is a gift!
Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!