Remembrance Day - 2018

byron ed

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Mar 22, 2017
The "L.G.A.R"? Was (or is) that an official alternative women's adjunct to the G.A.R., or a modern construct?

The "L.G.A.R"? Was (or is) that an official alternative women's adjunct to the G.A.R., or a modern construct? I was under the impression that the Women's Relief Corps was the only official women's adjunct to the G.A.R., to go by old reunion ribbons etc.

Either way, a small point but wouldn't a bit more post-CW style dresses (at least not so Antebellum) match up better with the male G.A.R. impressions in the same parade?*

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* This is not a criticism, I applaud their effort no matter their outfits, and close enough is good enough for the general public, I say. I was just looking for some ladies' group / fashion input.

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connecticut yankee

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Jun 2, 2017
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I went up to Gettysburg to march in the annual Remembrance Day Parade celebrating Lincoln's Gettysburg Address. My 15 yr old grandson, CJ Foran, made this his first ever event and marched with us. The unit I was with, the 39th NY Infantry, only had four members today so we fell in with the 14th Brooklyn. Here are some pictures my daughter took of the parade. If anyone else was there and would like to share their photos in this thread, by all means feel free. First two are of me and CJ before the start of the parade. The musket I'm carrying is an original 61 Springfield.

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Trust me---long after you are gone, your grandson will cherish these photos....


May 12, 2017
Long Island, NY
Great photos! My family and I made the trip down to see the parade for the first time, had a great time, and the illumination at the cemetery was very moving.


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Sep 23, 2017
Great pics!! Thank you for sharing @cash and @frontrank2!! And that's awesome that your grandson marched as well!! A few of my reenacting friends participated. I didn't attend this year, but definitely plan to next year with a group of side saddle ladies :smile: Anyone capture pics of them?

Maybe @Belle Montgomery will join me next year too?? :smile: