Relic hunting


Jul 15, 2021
To all the relic hunters out there…do you remember your first metal detector? Mine was a surplus mine detector that I got in the mid 1950’s. It picked up ferrous metals great but didn’t pick up minie balls very well. Hunting in Vicksburg near present day Indiana Avenue I found a colt army , about 5 shells and a bayonet the first day.I thought this is easy…
Jul 19, 2016
Spotsylvania Virginia
I was fortunate enough to grow up in Stafford county Virginia where the Union army spent two winters.
In 1954 when I was 9 years old we started digging in winter hut holes and sifting the dirt through screens. We found buckles, buttons and other artifacts. We would also walk fields after farmers plowed to find other artifacts
In 1959, my Dad bought a WWII mine detector from an army surplus store. It wouldn’t pick up led or brass. He did find a Springfield rifle which I still have. When we discovered it wouldn’t pick up led and brass we bought a Korean War era mine detector that would only pick up the local radio station! No kidding!
Both had huge batteries. The first was a battery about the size of a car battery carried in a pouch on your back - the second was carried on your side.
In 1961 we bought a Dectron. It was a decent machine for the time but the head was about 5” thick with a smaller head under the 5” thick head. The heads were plywood. If you hit a stubble or brush while swinging it it would set it off and you had to stop and re-adjust all your settings. If the plywood head got wet you had to set it aside for a day or two and let it dry.
My next was a Fisher M-scope. Leaps and bounds above the Dectron but heavy. That was about 1962-3. That’s when we really started making a lot of great finds
Next was a Metrotec in 1963. Light, deep penetration- best machine I ever owned. I still have it and it’s found lots of great relics
Next was a Nautilus in 1982
Last was a White’s MXT.
I liked the Metroteck best followed by the White’s