Question discrepency issues

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If you don't like the answer posted to trivia questions.

Here is what you should do:

1) wait to see how @hoosier scores a question, he will often give credit for answers that are 'close enough" or the general consensus.

2) politely contact @hoosier with your thoughts on the question.

3) If you are still dissatisfied with the results. Oh well. try harder next time. Hoosier's word is final.

What you should not do:

1) DO NOT Contact the ami, she will ignore you.

2) DO NOT Contact the trivia question provider. The questions are donated by real people with very busy lives, and they provide the questions out of the goodness of their hearts to ensure the longevity of the trivia game.

If you do contact the question provider and are less than cordial, I will hear about it, and you may be banned from playing the trivia game, or banned from

3) DO NOT aggressively contact hoosier. If you do, I will hear about and you may be banned from playing the trivia game, or banned from

4) Do not repeatedly report your answer after scoring if you disagree with how your question has been scored. If the report has been responded to the matter is considered closed.

5) Warning Points will be given if you complain to trivia question providers about trivia questions.

*updated 4-1-2020
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It may be worthwhile for me to offer an explanation of the process I go through in scoring these questions.

I look at the official answer that appears in Ami's final post of the thread.

Then I look at all of the answers that the players have submitted before I mark any of them right or wrong.

If a number of players have given answers that are different from the official answer, I consider the possibility that some (and maybe all) of the alternate answers do, in fact, constitute correct answers to the question as it was phrased.

Sometimes it's obvious that an alternate answer is correct. Sometimes it's not so obvious.

When it's not obvious, I will then try to verify whether alternate answers are correct. Sometimes I am aided in this process by the fact that some players' responses include links to sources which they feel support their answers. When that is the case, I will check those sources and if I agree that the sources support the players' contention that their answers are correct, I will give credit for those answers.

If there is an alternate answer for which no player has supplied a link to a source, I will try to find such a source myself. I won't knock myself dead and spend hours and hours searching, but I will make an effort.

If I can't find a source supporting an answer and it's not obvious to me that the answer is correct based on the question that was asked, only then will I mark the answer wrong.

There have been a number of occasions when, shortly after Ami has posted the official answer, players have sent me private conversations to inform me that a particular question might be open to different interpretations. Let me assure everybody that I will find that out when I go to score the question - but that may not happen until twelve or more hours after the time that Ami posted the official answer, and sometimes it may not happen until a day or more later.

So, I ask everybody to please take note of item 1 in Ami's post # 1 above, and please wait to see how I have scored a question before sending me a private conversation.
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