Post War Missouri

Is the statement warrented "Missouri finally managed to secede in 1872"

  • yes

  • no

  • not sure

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Sep 17, 2011
Was reading a history of Missouri and found this passage interesting "After the Democratic victories of 1872, Missouri finally managed to secede and join the Confederate States of America, now called the Solid South."

Its interesting because after rejecting Radical Republican rule and the Drake Constitution, once Missouri flipped Democratic it did so overwhelmingly even electing a former confederate general Governor, and for the next 100 years or so was decidedly politically with the solid south and still leans so today.

But Missouri prewar was also heavily Democrat, and other then on not being willing to sever ties to the Union, had identified politically with the south.

Personally went with not sure, it seems a bit of an exaggeration as a statement, however think it does contain a kernel of truth
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