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May 31, 2018
I was hoping for more information on the following ancestors of mine, possibly even the Fold3s??

James Owen & John F. Sorah, 63rd Virginia Inf./54th Virginia Battlion Inf.

Francis Marion Sorah, 48th Virginia Inf.

Thank you guys, also why am I hitting a dead end on my Sorah geneolgy? Besides the obvious misspellings I cannot figure out past Josiah Sorey which was the above mentioned ancestors father.

Belle Montgomery

2nd Lieutenant
Oct 25, 2017
I'm sure you saw this right? Washington County is in Virginia. Many consolidated especially after they stopped trading prisoners.

The following list of Civil War era militia men is obtained from manuscript sources and records in the National Archives. This list probably dates from early 1862.

SORAH, BURELL, 35, Farmer, Goodman's Co., 105th Militia.
SORAH, JAMES O., 25, Capt. Decker's Co., 105th Militia (Washington Co.)
SORAH, JOHN, Corp, 26, Capt. Decker's Co., 105th Militia (Washington Co.)
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Fewer ads. Lots of American Civil War content!


Oct 27, 2017
Rolling hills of southern Indiana
Below is attached to an Ancestry tree for him.

"Confederate Soldier honored near Bristol

James OwenSorah (1837-1915) served in Confederate units which engaged in some of
the most devastating and bloodiest battles of the Civil War. This, coupled with
the extreme hardships of severe weather, lack of clothing and food, and sickness,
made it miraculous that anyone could endure and survive the entirety of the campaign.
In the 36 months of service to the Confederacy, the 63rd Virginia Infantry engaged
the enemy and left its blood on the field of battle in over seventy engagements
in ten states, marching or traveling by rail a distance of over 7,500 miles. This
was a record unrivaled (with the exception of the Virginia 54th Infantry) by any
regiment, Confederate or Federal.
Yet James Owen Sorah survived the hardships of that war, returning to his home in
Washington County, Virginia. In 1878, he married Gemima Elizabeth Leonard (1852-1907),
and eight children were born to this union. James Owen Sorah lived a full life,
and was finally laid to rest in 1915 in an unmarked grave at Gum Hill Cemetery,
a remote burial site in Washington County. For some 93 years, Sorah's resting
place bore no signs of a traditional tombstone, but today, his grave is marked with
a new stone recently laid by Sorah's great-grandson, Gene Bolling of Kingsport,

Memorial service held
On Sunday, November 9, 2008, Bolling and his family participated in a special memorial
service at Gum Hill Cemetery in which the new headstone was dedicated and honorary
tribute was paid to Sorah for his service in the CSA. David Roberts, Brigade Commander
of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, read the SCV Charge, which was followed by
a 21-gun salute and Taps.
Bolling indicated that he finally has peace that his great-grandfather's grave was
properly marked and that special tribute was paid to Sorah in honor of his military
service. Of Sorah, Gene Bolling stated, "My great-grandfather, James Owen Sorah,
departed this earth on January 19, 1915; I didn't know him, but I'm certainly looking
forward to meeting him one great day in Heaven."
Gene Bolling is the President of the Sullivan County Historical and Genealogical
Society and is an active member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He currently
resides in Kingsport with his wife Carolyn."

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