Latimer's Farm

Dec 13, 2018
Covington, GA
As part of some slowly ongoing research I'm doing, I've found references to some of the units I'm looking into as being at Latimer's Farm just before falling back to Kennesaw Mountain. I was out at Kennesaw National Battlefield again last week, and asked a ranger if he had any info on the Latimer's Farm battle/skirmish. I had info that it was just north, but didn't know if that meant 5 miles or 20. The young ranger didn't recognize the name, but quickly using google, came up with a source that my phone couldn't. He gave me a print out of the Historical Marker info. I proceeded to said marker which is in the Marietta Country Club sub division, across the street from one of the tee boxes. The sign gives a brief description. It also states that "the Marietta Country Club commissioned a detailed archeological and historical study of the battle and the families affected by it. The Club has preserved many of the surviving earthworks and Civil War artifacts." There also seems to be a report "Soldiers and Citizens: Civil War Action Around Latimer's Farm" that is stated to be available at area libraries.

The day I visited was like most, I happened to have a couple of hours and was in the area, however I had spent a large portion of my time surveying Pigeon Hill, as I do every trip. I then drove to the marker for Latimer's Farm, snapped a quick pic, and then returned to work.

After the holidays I do plan to contact the country club to see if in fact the earthworks are surviving, and available for visiting. I did not have time to check any local libraries, but was wondering if anyone else in the area, and on this forum might have a copy/photocopy of the report mentioned above?

Latimer's Farm Historical Marker.jpg


Apr 13, 2020
Found a blog post with some photos of earthworks related to this site.
Had hoped to find a digital copy of the report but no luck. Did find this that says NOS in Atlanta is supposed to have a copy.
I had two family members killed outside Atlanta. Both are buried at Marietta Natl Cem. I’ve been trying to figure out an approximation if where they were killed or buried.

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