Joseph E. Johnston photographs

Mar 24, 2011
Hi all,
this is perhaps the most famous photo of General Joseph E. Johnston in Confederate uniform. Probably from the early period of the war. It is not the only one, I know that it is part of a set of at least two other photos, in one of them the general is standing near the same chair on which sit in this one.

Can anyone tell me the circumstances and the author of this photo? And the others?
This is from the National Archives.

Thank you.


Mike Serpa

Jan 24, 2013
But can Mathew Brady had taken this picture at the beginning of the war? Or probably is a post war photograph, like the one of Beauregard with Lovell frock coat... 🤔
I think the bottom photo is taken after the top photo. His hair looks more gray. I admit I don't know the date either photo was taken. They both are probably post-war with the bottom photo taken later.