Period It's what they called it

Peter Stines

Apr 10, 2007
Gulf Coast of Texas
A friend brought me some of my FOXFIRE books from home. Good chapters on hog butchering, making sausages, candy, preserving fruit and lots of recipes. The appallachian folks called squirrels a " boomer". This is probably the wrong thread but what is the origin of "boomer"? Maybe we can turn up more names for food. Example: there were leather breeches beans and pumpkin leather.
Some words no doubt were borrowed from languages and others were plain rural. Something to chew on.....


First Sergeant
Dec 5, 2019
You can buy scrod (or schrod) at a fish restaurant but there is no such fish. In New England, the term refers to any firm, white fish (it might be cod or halibut or haddock or....).