Incendiary Plot members / John Y. Buell

Oct 7, 2018
I'm trying to find out information about a couple of obscure men arrested in the aftermath of the plot to burn New York City on Election Day, 1864: Albert C. Ward and John Y. Buell. They were kept first at Police headquarters and then at Fort Lafayette.

Ward was a lifelong grifter, check forger, and alcoholic. It's unlikely anyone with authority would have placed any trust in him. My guess is that he heard about the plot from someone with loose lips, and in turn was heard blabbing about it while in his cups.

Ward was mentioned in one article as having been imprisoned with John Y. Buell (the implication being that he, too, was involved in the plot).

Buell is a complete mystery. I can't find any info on this person EXCEPT that in 1974, Richard D. Mudd (Dr. Mudd's grandson) gave a talk to the Milwaukee Civil War Roundtable on "The Story of John Y. Buell." I have no information about the context of that talk, but it's intriguing that R. D. Mudd (who mostly defended his grandfather) would mention this name.

Jerry Kuntz
Warwick NY

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