Foto Friday 5/31

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Jan 21, 2019
Wonderful action photos all! May I ask what the "extra" pair was for, since six is "regulation" and the terrain (and load) don't look to be extreme? And a belated Welcome to the forums!
James, True, we were playing. This was Sunday morning, we harnessed two, four-ups and decided to take the caisson we would not be using again to the trailer for the trip home. We debated which four-up to use and somebody said to use all we did. We pulled the caisson to the parking lot, dropped the limber/caisson, tied up the wheel traces and rode the team back to camp in harness. When we arrived in camp our cannoneers pushed a limber/gun into position, traces and brake-straps attached and we were good to go as they had removed the front four-up and hitched them to another gun. When we left camp with the eight-up and crested the hill in front of the infantry formation during their morning issuance of orders, the infantrymen all were pointing to us and talking so much the commander gave up and waited for us to get out of sight. The General later told us that it was the first time he had ever witnessed an eight-up in his 20+ years in the field.

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