First time visit to New Orleans

Sep 28, 2013
Southwest Mississippi
I just watched a Scottish guy's reaction to visiting my backyard.
That would be New Orleans.

Nawl'ns or (NOLA). . . as we say down here.

Anyway, I loved this guy's first time reaction to New Orleans.

New Orleans played a very important role during the War.
However, the fascinating history of NOLA predates the American Civil War by hundreds of years.

These days, most visitors only think of NOLA as being one of the largest party towns in the USA.
It's reputation as a culinary destination is also prevalent with many tourists.

Both stereotypes are correct.

But there's much more to New Orleans than a bunch of drunks stumbling around in the "French Quarter ".

This guy had fun.

Having fun and learning new history is all that matters !
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