Shenandoah Valley 1864 Cool Spring


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Feb 7, 2006
Midlothian, VA
Just read a very detailed account of this 1864 battle in Scott Patchen's book on the Valley Campaign. Other works on the valley campaign that I have read seem to gloss over this battle, probably because it occurs before Sheridan is sent to the Valley. Patchen's book starts with Early's retreat away from DC.

After reading the account I see that there is a preserved portion of the battlefield by Shenandoah University including a walking trail. Has anyone been to this site? Unfortunately it looks like the preserved acres and walking trail are on the east side of the Shenadoah, but the actual combat all took place on the western side of the Shenandoah

There is a detailed thread that is 6 years old about the details of the battle: