Constitutional Union Party Platform

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Whereas, Experience has demonstrated that Platforms adopted by the partisan Conventions of the country have had the effect to mislead and deceive the people, and at the same time to widen the political divisions of the country, by the creation and encouragement of geographical and sectional parties; therefore

Resolved, that it is both the part of patriotism and of duty to recognize no political principle other than THE CONSTITUTION OF THE COUNTRY, THE UNION OF THE STATES, AND THE ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAWS, and that, as representatives of the Constitutional Union men of the country, in National Convention assembled, we hereby pledge ourselves to maintain, protect, and defend, separately and unitedly, these great principles of public liberty and national safety, against all enemies, at home and abroad; believing that thereby peace may once more be restored to the country; the rights of the People and of the States re-established, and the Government again placed in that condition of justice, fraternity and equality, which, under the example and Constitution of our fathers, has solemnly bound every citizen of the United States to maintain a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

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Presidential Candidate Profile:

John Bell:

Born: February 18, 1796

Birthplace: Mill Creek Tennessee

Father: Samuel Bell 1766 – 1836

Mother: Margaret Edmiston 1773 – 1830

Wife: Jane Patton Erwin 1798 – 1877

(Buried: Mount Olivet Cemetery Nashville Tennessee)


Sally Bell Keeble 1829 – 1897

(Buried: Evergreen Cemetery Murfreesboro Tennessee)

Jane Erwin Bell 1838 – 1917

(Buried: Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Whitemarsh PA)

Anna Lawrence Bell Comegys 1841 – 1919

(Buried: Saint Thomas Episcopal Church Whitemarsh PA)


1814: Graduated from Cumberland College


Attorney in Franklin Tennessee

Political Career:

1827 – 1841: U.S. Congressman from Tennessee

1829 – 1841: Congressional Chairman of Indian Affairs Committee

1831 – 1835: Congressional Chairman of Judiciary Committee

1834 – 1835: Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives

1841: United States Secretary of U.S. War Department

1847: Tennessee State Representative

1847 – 1859: United States Senator from Tennessee

Vice Presidential Candidate Profile:

Edward Everett:

Born: April 11, 1794

Birthplace: Dorchester Massachusetts

Father: Rev. Oliver Everett 1752 – 1802

(Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts)

Mother: Lucy Hill 1768 – 1824

(Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts)

Wife: Charlotte Gray Brooks 1800 – 1859

(Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts)


Ann Gorham Everett 1823 – 1843

(Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts)

Charlotte Brooks Everett Wise 1825 – 1879

(Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts)

Grace Webster Everett 1827 – 1836

(Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts)

William Everett 1839 – 1910

(Buried: Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts)


1811: Graduated from Harvard University

Studied Theology


1812 – 1814: Tutor at Harvard University

1814: Ordained Minister of Brattle Street Unitarian Church

1815 – 1826: Greek Literature Professor at Harvard University

1827 – 1847: Overseer of Harvard University

1846 – 1849: President of Harvard University

1849 – 1854: Overseer of Harvard University

Political Career:

1825 – 1835: U.S. Congressman from Massachusetts

1827 – 1829: Congressional Chairman of Foreign Affairs

1836 – 1840: Governor of Massachusetts

1841 – 1845: United States Minister to Great Britain

1843: Declined diplomatic mission to China

1852 – 1853: U.S. Secretary of U.S. State Department

1853 – 1854: United States Senator from Massachusetts

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