Book Review Conrad Wise Chapman


Sergeant Major
Jun 21, 2012
Louisville, KY
The school I work for is downsizing their library thanks to this digital age (ewww) and GIVING away books. I wanted to go ahead and try to salvage any books I could today and wandered across this in the "Arts" section. I'm not gonna lie, I was taken aback a bit when I saw Conrad Wise Chapman on the spine of a book but knew immediately that the book was going with me.

image0 (1).jpeg

I haven't read word one yet but if you know me, you know my fondness of the Charleston area, which led me to immediately recognizing the name and his works. It appears this not only his works but also a rather lengthily biography of him which I'm excited to read. Just wanted to share. There were actually 2 copies and I'm only ashamed I didn't greedily take both and send the other to someone who might much more appreciate this book rather than it being donated and going to lord knows where it may not see the light of day.



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