Confederate envelope

Nov 15, 2019
Have something interesting. Don't know if it is worth anything but not for sale anyway. It is an envelope addressed to a Mr. Charles Holst in Chester South Carolina. It has a stamp through some research is a Jefferson Davis #12 die B. What is interesting is the dates. Looks to have been sent on April 7th 1865 and delivered on April 9 1865. The very day Lee surrendered to Grant in Virginia.

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Cool cover. Very late use of Confederate States stamp #11. Usually this late in the war you will see CS#12 on cover which is an almost identical stamp.
Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
It makes you wonder if Civil War paper relics like letters, currency, bonds, stamps,envelopes,etc will still be oohed and ahhed over 100+ years from now.In other words, will they still be around or crumble into dust.


Jul 3, 2020
I'm either going to buy or make a display case for my bonds and Confederate money. But it needs to be a glass that protects from harmful rays and light.
I have each of my Confederate bonds and money in those hard plastic sleeves.