Confederate emigration to Japan?


Sep 4, 2019
In reading Andrew F. Rolle's The Lost Cause: The Confederate Exodus to Mexico, Rolle makes references on pages 9 and 77 of Confederate veterans emigrating to Japan rather than living on in a reconstructing South.
However, in his Appendix F detailing Confederate Exiles in Other Countries, the only mention of Japan made is on page 277 in regards to General P. G. T. Beauregard reputedly receiving an offer to serve as a General in what I assume would have been the fledgling Imperial Japanese Army. While it is stated Beauregard lived outside the United States until 1875, I've found no confirmation of him living in Japan.

However, I can't imagine Rolle specifically making mention of Japan on more than one occasion without there being any known cases or individuals. Add to that known Union veterans such as Corporal William Elliot Griffis living in Japan from 1870-1874 (as detailed in Chapter 4 of Ardath W. Burk's Mirror in the Shrine: Overseas Students, Foreign Employees, and Meiji Japan), I am lead to believe there were such cases, of which I'd be absolutely fascinated to learn of.
Is anyone aware of Confederate veterans who emigrated to Japan after the war? It wouldn't necessarily need to be in the same fashion as Jo Shelby and his men emigrating to Mexico to refuse surrender or taking the oath, although that would definitely be of extra intrigue.

The idea of a Confederate veteran leaving the post-Civil War United States behind only to become embroiled in Japan's own Civil War in the form of the Boshin War and Meiji Restoration tickles my imagination. However, my searches for Confederates that lived in Japan are completely drowned out by results either for the ironclad Kōtetsu, or comparisons between Confederate and Imperial Japanese flag usage in present day.

The only example I've been able to find is that of Richard Bennett Hubbard, Jr.; a former Confederate Colonel who served as the third US Ambassador to Japan from 1885-1889.
Knowledge of or information on any other individuals would be greatly appreciated!
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