Period Cabbage

Albert Sailhorst

1st Lieutenant
Jul 12, 2007
Aledo, IL

From “The Virginia Housewife”, By Mary Randolph, 1860

Pick cabbages very clean, and wash them thoroughly; then look them

carefully over again; quarter them if they are very large; put them into

a sauce pan with plenty of boiling water; if any skum rises, take it

off, put a large spoonful of salt into the sauce pan, and boil 'them

till the stalks feel tender. A young cabbage will take about twenty

minutes, or half an hour; when full grown, nearly an hour; see that they

are well covered with water all the time, and that no or smoke arises

from stirring the fire. With careful management, they will look as

beautiful when dressed as they did when growing. It will much ameliorate

the flavour of strong old cabbages, to boil them in two waters, _i.e._

when they are half done, to take them out, and put them into another

sauce pan of boiling water.

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