British whatif


1st Lieutenant
Feb 18, 2017
I wonder how much of a surprise attack they could have organized. I would think we had our spies and with telegraph available through ports I believe we would have organized quite well.
There was no transatlantic telegraph at the time. If the British decided to strike at the Union blockade without making that news public, then the earliest that the Union could find out about the decision for the strike is when the British ships - having opened their sealed orders - turned up off the blockade stations.

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Nov 21, 2014
I would imagine that the northern war machine would get ramped up quicker. Threaten Toronto and Montreal, and the Brits might be the ones asking for peace.

Lincoln could call for a general draft, using British intervention as the reason. Do this well, and the northern Democrats lose the 62 mid-terms.
The question is, ramped up with what? There's not enough powder and weapons to expand the army by much and a draft would be a shambles since they'd been closing the recruiting stations. They now have to move men and material which would be fighting the South north and re position troops to face even the threat of a British attack.

Then the Union can't even invade Canada until spring, by which time the British have also had time to prepare. No side would be in a position to launch a knockout blow. And time is not on the Union's side.

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