Period Baltimore Egg Nog

Albert Sailhorst

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Jul 12, 2007
Aledo, IL

From “How to Mix Drinks, Or The Bon-Vivant’s Companion”, by Jerry Thomas, New York, 1862:

Baltimore Egg Nogg (For a Party of Fifteen)

Take the yellow of sixteen eggs and twelve table spoonfuls of pulverized loaf sugar and beat them to the consistence of cream. To this add two thirds of a nutmeg grated and beat well together then mix in half a pint of good brandy or Jamaica rum and two wine glasses of Madeira wine. Have ready the whites of the eggs beaten to a stiff froth and beat them into the above described mixture. When this is all done, stir in six pints of good rich milk. There is no heat used. Egg Nogg made in this manner is digestible and will not cause headache. It makes an excellent drink for debilitated persons and a nourishing diet for consumptives.
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