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Stonewall Jackson in... Comics?!?

Discussion in 'Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson' started by James N., Mar 2, 2017.

  1. James N.

    James N. Captain Forum Host Civil War Photo Contest
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    Feb 23, 2013
    East Texas
    Image (3).jpg

    Cadet Gray of West Point was a 1958 Dell comic book that extolled the virtues of the United States Military Academy at West Point through the travails and eventual triumph of a "typical" plebe or first year student named James Gray - hence the title. The entire publication - thicker than a usual comic of the times - was given over sans advertisements (they didn't do that then!) to his story, broken into maybe a half-dozen "chapters", each concerning a problem for Gray, solved by his remembrance of a relevant story taken from U.S. military history. These chapters included incidents from the Mexican War, Little Big Horn, the Spanish-American War, and World Wars I and II. The Civil War was represented by this one, titled Know Your Opponent.

    In this case, Cadet Gray's "opponent" is an upperclassman named Rogers who has been "riding" his plebes trying to improve their discipline with predictable results. At that year's Army-Navy Game, Gray and a friend are double-dating two girls who recognize a relative of one who wants to join the girl and her date - Rogers. The dilemma sets in motion Gray's thinking, back to a "similar" incident involving Stonewall Jackson at the Battle of Chancellorsville... (I have eliminated all the extraneous bit leading up to the "meat" of the story; note that Jackson has a courier/aide also named Gray, who serves as the connection between past and present in each chapter.)

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