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hello yal, t,hanks for letting me join, when i was a teen my old man took me up and down the east coast, touring anything from the american revaloution up to and including the civil war, battle feilds , went out into the bays and checked out the batteries there. ive read alot about custards .....adventures from the whites and the indians point of veiw. this leads me to this question...
Just wanted to drop a note and say that your signature always makes me smile. :D
My history would fill a tome. Some is highly classified. In fact all lines of U.S. Service cannot be repeated, and so by me. It is read with a silent tongue. We all have a fly on the wall.
=-- and SWAT is about all that can remove it. Cheers for knowing Covenant has taken place in both trucking and preaching, may we all live in peace. And the tome continues. Thank you for responding @Virginia Dave.
It provides inter
Virginia Dave
Virginia Dave
I am looking forward to it. Many untold stories that keep me up at night. Foreign countries that haunt my memory. Only long past brothers know the full account. I preached in close to 100 different churches over a 3 year period hoping to make a difference, only to realize by the grace of god that my calling was in a different direction. I am still on that road and coming into contact with many with similar stori
Just wanted to let you know that I love your avatar. I think it's so appropriate. :)
Mrs. V
Mrs. V
I had that taken at Hale Farm..without the glasses..oh so farb!

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