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glad you liked my post, not everyone did. i got carried away and strayed from keeping it within historical bounds. it's a hot button issue with
me. i'm sorry to those who were offended and thank those who weren't.
ps. central pa, amish? i'm from the northeast coal region, which has quite a history of it's own.
I see you are still "liking" my post to Trice re perpetual. I'd like to ask you something, further about it, if you respond.
Yes, you're welcome to ask. I've said a lot of the same things in past discussions, though I think you've done a better job than I did in pointing out some of the problems with regarding the Union as always being the same. I think it clearly changed, and states left the old one to join the new. The components of the Union and the Confederacy were the same, the structure that the components formed was not.
Happy birthday, John! May this new year the best one ever! Have a wonderful day and celebrate thoroughly!!
Hey what type of scoot do you ride? I started working at Lower H-D in Leesburg Va 40 some years ago. He closed up the doors there in 1983. I been working at Mountain Hog near Hillsboro since then. If it ever stops raining I'll pull the XR-1000 out.
Road King. Have had many different bikes over the years. I've only gone 2yrs without a scoot in the last 35yrs. I've had my RK for 10yrs now. It is probably my last. It's perfectly fit to me. I hear ya on the rain..... Been that way for the last 2yrs now.
I should mention that first before all things else that I do not and cannot claim to ever hold the definitive answers to anything. I am a hobbyist historian, and as with most things there is plenty of room for error. I will never be unhappy if anything I post can be contested with conflicting information. It's how we learn and share ideas. Cordial or lambasting, I am always open to criticism in this area.
Here is that message I mentioned today. Somewhere in the battle (no timestamp) McClellan received this:
Re-enforcements are badly wanted. Our troops are giving way. I am hunting for French's and Slocum's divisions. If you know where they are, send them immediately.
General SUMNER.
I saw it in the OR.

James Stanley is my g-g-g grandfather and I have seen copies of documents of his drafting, being mustered out, and the pension application. BUT when I went to the Boyd County Public Library to look at rolls of this company, his name wasn't on it. I suppose he was drafted toward the end because of his age, which I didn't know at the time I looked.
Looking for Info on my grandfather Skelton Columbus Coleman. He served in The 6th Virginia infantry (CSA). Any help would be appreciated.
Did you get your question answered?
I looked at Fold3 and found his service records in Company A, 6th Virginia Infantry (there are other units like 6th Battalion, etc.). He enlisted in May 1862 but was absent & sick for several months & sent to hospital in Richmond. He returned but sick in Feb 1864. He has approx 20 cards in file. John M. Colemen who enlisted same date and place and also Co. A---a brother?
Coyote Creek
Thanks for the info. I was hoping to find medical records. Do you know if these can be found? Did they keep records? Thanks for all the help.

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