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I'm doing an image of the CSS Arkansas running the Union Fleet. Built a few 3D models to put it all together but cant seem to get a consensus on what ships were actually involved. One map doesn't show any of the City Class ironclads and another says there were up to 39 union ships. I have the Benton, Essex, Hartford and some others but have you come across any research that states which ships were involved?
I have heard and repeated a picture is worth a thousand words (cough)….Just thinking.
Thank you. The location and activities at HQ in the Civil War are not always well covered in the literature.
ErnieMac, I just read your account of Stoneman's activities in E. Tenn (March 24, 2015). Most interesting. Could you suggest a good book(s) covering the US 4th Army Corps after the capture of Atlanta? My great grandfather went from the 96th Ill. to a clerkship at 4th army HQ at that time. His letters are sent from a number of locations, including Nashville, Huntsville and Bulls Gap.
For post-Atlanta information look for books about Hood's Tennessee Campaign. Wiley Sword's The Confederacy's Last Hurrah: Spring Hill, Franklin, and Nashville is one, keeping in mind that the author is strongly biased against John B. Hood. For the IV Corps involvement with Stoneman look at Chris J. Hartley's Stoneman's Raid 1865.
I have another book at home devoted to the Battle of Nashville. It's title escapes me at present - I will message it when I return home.
I have a question that I'm hoping someone can help me with. While doing some research for my upcoming book on the 33rd Alabama Infantry, I came across a letter from a member of that regiment that, speaking of cannonballs at Chickamauga, describes them as being: "from the size of marbles to that of tiaballs.”

Does anyone know what a "tiaball" might be? Would appreciate any insights or help, here!
Since I've been here, I've only "Followed" four people. Two are "retired," and one hasn't been seen since November. Guess that just leaves you, Annie! -- my First, and now my Only!
I have been asked to provide a comprehensive list of American Civil war Museums in the U.S. and abroad for a friend in New Orleans who is planning a Civil War Museum in that city.
Does anyone have access to this information so that he can collaborate here in the states and with museums abroad?
Howdy, I'm a Cadet from FUMA (Fork Union Military Academy) (currently 1st Sgt), I'm joining the 34th NC Infantry, I'll be at the Event on April 13th, at Appomattox Court house event.

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