"Yankee Thunder / Rebel Lightning" 125th Anniv. Civil War Re-enactment Complete History

JD Mayo

Retired User
Jun 12, 2020
Greensboro NC
Originally created by Classic Images at the end of their extensive chronicle of of the 125th Anniversary of the Civil War, this hard-to-find 2-hour documentary film was previously only available on VHS and has been out of print for more than 20+ years. Dramatic live battle actions from the 4 years of re-enactments during the 125th Anniversary series of events between 1986 - 1990. Including recreated historical moments using some of the best known re-enactors of that era - many of whom are no longer with us. This story of the Civil War uses footage from all of their previous re-enactment VHS tapes, with outtakes and previously unused footage shot at other events such as at Harper's Ferry and the 'Grand Review' re-enactment in 1990. For anyone who was part of the 125th Anniversary series of re-enactments, this film will bring back memories as it's sort of a 'Greatest Hits' from the re-enactments of that era. Some Classic Re-enacting videos are already searchable on YouTube, but we wanted to start a new series of some rarely or never before seen classics that either only aired once or where short lived and available only to a select few at the time. We hope you enjoy.