WANTED WTB "For Fatigue Purposes" & Civilian Slouch Hat/High Quality Clothes

Nov 23, 2016
Looking to purchase a copy of Patrick Browns "For Fatigue Purposes" I know it's been long out of print but I'm still interested in a copy if anyone here is looking to sell theirs.

Will also consider trading a copy of the Columbia Rifles Research Compendium for a copy of For Fatigue Purposes.

Also looking to purchase a high quality made civilian slouch hat in a size 7 1/2 (23.5) Looking for hats made by Bristol Hollow, Dirty Billy, ClearWater, and Tim Bender.

Also interested in any other high quality civilian garments from makers like corner clothiers or Bristol Hollow in a size 40 chest and 34 waist.

And shoes or stovepipe boots preferably civilian in a size 9 from high quality makers like Robert Land and Missouri Boot and Shoe.

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