Wreaths on graves at first Decoration Day in Columbus, Mississippi


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Apr 18, 2019
Upstate New York
Accounts of the first incident in which the ladies of Columbus decorated the graves of soldiers buried there often say the women laid wreaths on the graves. The instant mental image I get is a wreath of evergreens, such as are put on graves at Christmas time. But I doubt that's what they used. Does anyone know what sort of foliage or other material would commonly have been used to make wreaths at the time?


May 26, 2019
Western North Carolina
I am really not sure, but over the years I've learned that some wreaths were made of grapevine and intertwined together to form the shape. Various flowers fill in the gaps. It seems I read one reference from this time period mentioning ferns or a group of ferns being placed on several graves. I have yet to see a fern wreath but it may look different that what we would expect.