Would you like to have lived in the 19th century?

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Jul 22, 2021
I know most of us wonder what it would have been like if we were to have lived in the 19th century, especially during the Civil War era. Due to continued medical advancement, some might say it is a more desirable time to live now, but I think there are pros and cons to both time periods. Would you like to have lived in the 19th century? What would you like to have witnessed, or who is a person you would like to have met?
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Jul 7, 2015
Very true. It also saw the rise of the Labour Party replacing the Liberal Party as the many representatives of the working class. 1918 saw the vote being given to all men over 21 and older Women. This meant that elections were very different from one where only property owning men could vote.

However, come the crisis the call was answered. However, in the Second World war recruitment was by conscription rather than the mass volunteering rush of the first. This also meant that key workers e;g; miners, shipbuilders, iron and steel workers (except reservists) were not allowed to join up.
And of course there was the conscription of the Bevin Boys, the unsung heroes of WW2.