COL BBG Wister, Langhorne W.

Langhorne Wesley Wister


Born: September 20, 1834

Birthplace: Germantown, Pennsylvania

Father: William Wister 1803 – 1881
(Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)​

Mother: Sarah Logan Fisher 1806 – 1891
(Buried: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)​


Attended Germantown Academy​

Occupation before War:

Manufacturer of Iron in Duncannon Pennsylvania​

Civil War Career:
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1861 – 1862: Captain, Company B, 42nd Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment​
1862: Wounded at the Battle of Gaines Mill, Virginia​
1862: Discharged from Union Army on Sept. 4th due to promotion​
1862: Organizer and Recruiter of 150th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment​
1862 – 1864: Colonel of 150th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment​
1862: Served with Gallantry at the Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia​
1863: Regimental Commander at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia​
1863: Led 400 men into the Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania​
1863: Acting Brigade Commander in the Battle of Gettysburg​
1863: Wounded in the mouth by minie ball during Pickett’s Charge​
1863: Regimental Commander during Battle of Mine Run, Virginia​
1864: Resigned as Colonel in the Union Army on February 22nd
1865: Brevetted Brigadier General for his service in the War​

Occupation after War:

Business Partner with L & R Wister Company Iron Manufacturing​
1874: Unsuccessful Candidate for United States Congress​

Died: March 19, 1891

Place of Death: Germantown, Pennsylvania

Cause of Death: Meningitis

Age at time of Death: 56 years old

Burial Place: Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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