Wilson's Creek Museum - Opening Rescheduled

Aug 4, 2012
Though this news story is three weeks old now, I just came across it today and thought I'd share.

Wilson's Creek National Battlefield - Museum Opening Delayed

For those that may not be familiar with the progress of the museum - After the General Sweeny's Museum was purchased and closed by the NPS in 2011, the NPS stored the artifacts with plans to construct a new and larger building near the park visitor center to house the exhibits. Due to financial considerations those plans have since been altered, to instead renovate a portion inside the visitor center itself. Last I had heard from the NPS, the museum was scheduled to reopen on April 1st of this year. However, after a few delays it's now expected to be open by the end of August, 2014. Though it is disappointing to hear of more delays, it looks like it will be a great museum once it does open! :thumbsup:

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Sep 17, 2011
there still isn't much displayed from Sweeny's when I was there over thanksgiving.....however was told renovation of visitors center to open a bunch more display is supposed to happen next year

Hope it isn't just a case of always saying "tomorrow"...…….
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Mar 16, 2016
More artifacts to go on display at Civil War battlefield in Springfield
March 29th, 2019
by Associated Press in Missouri News

REPUBLIC, Mo. (AP) -- A $4.5 million project is planned to make room for more Civil War-era artifacts at the site of the first major battle west of the Mississippi River. The project will add 1,873 square feet of exhibit space to the visitor center at the Wilson's Creek National Battlefield in southwest Missouri.

Hundreds of artifacts have for years remained in storage because of lack of space. As part of the project, offices and restrooms will be relocated in order to make room for displays of guns, cannons, documents, soldiers' clothing and other artifacts.

The visitor center might need to close for a week or so during the massive renovation. But the park's acting superintendent, Gary Sullivan, said he hopes to keep the disruptions to a minimum. If the fundraising goes as planned, work should begin by October of this year.

Full article can be found here - http://www.newstribune.com/news/mis...lay-civil-war-battlefield-springfield/771986/


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