{⋆★⋆} BG Williams, John Stuart

John Stuart “Cerro Gordo” Williams

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Born: July 10, 1818

Birthplace: Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Father: Samuel L. Williams 1781 – 1872
(Buried: Machpelah Cemetery, Mount Sterling, Kentucky)​

Mother: Frances “Fannie” Cluke 1797 – 1855
(Buried: Machpelah Cemetery, Mount Sterling, Kentucky)​

1st​ Wife: Ann Patton Harrison 1823 – 1844
(Buried: Winchester Cemetery, Winchester, Kentucky)​

2nd Wife: Henrietta H. Lindsay 1827 – 1916
(Buried: Machpelah Cemetery, Mount Sterling, Kentucky)​


Mary Elliott Williams Holloway 1843 – 1933​
(Buried: Winchester Cemetery, Winchester, Kentucky)​


1839: Graduated from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio​

Occupation before War:

Attorney in Paris, Kentucky​
1846 – 1848: Served in the Mexican War rising to rank of Colonel​
1851 – 1853: Kentucky State Representative​

Civil War Career:

1861 – 1863: Colonel of 5th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
General Williams after war.jpg
Served in Southwestern Virginia, Confederate Department​
1863 – 1865: Brigadier General in Confederate Army, Cavalry​
Commander of the Department of Southwestern Virginia​
Commander of Cavalry Brigade in invasion of Eastern Tennessee​
1864: Cavalry Commander during the Atlanta, Georgia Campaign​
1864: Received Confederate Congress for his role in the Battle of Saltville, North Carolina​
1865: Surrendered with the Confederate Army​

Occupation after War:

Farmer in Winchester, Kentucky​
1873 – 1875: Kentucky State Representative
1875: Unsuccessful Candidate for Governor of Kentucky​
1876: Democratic Party, Presidential Elector​
1879 – 1885: United States Senator from Kentucky​
Became Involved in land development in Florida​

Died: July 17, 1898

Place of Death: Mount Sterling, Kentucky

Cause of Death: Unknown

Age at time of Death: 80 years old

Burial Place: Winchester Cemetery, Winchester, Kentucky

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Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
He was involved in the battle of Saltville, NC but he was also involved in the defense of the saltworks near Abingdon, Virginia. Is this the same incident?


Sep 15, 2018
South Texas
During the Atlanta Campaign Williams commanded a Kentucky brigade. This brigade was part of Gen. Wheeler's cavalry and somehow became separated from the rest of Wheeler's command.on one of it's raids. Williams was very much critized for this.

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