Counterpoint Why Non Slave holding Southerners Fought

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Lefty, your logic is irrefutable. This is something I have been struggling to understand. The planation was kind of a society within itself. A closed society.
Another good source on this topic are lawsuits. The white siblings who did not want to share an inheritance would file suits to nullify provisions. There were suits brought by 1/2 siblings who were sold south to prevent them from inheriting.


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Aug 20, 2018
The North, with industrialization and a more diverse economy, had lots of alternative options for wealth.

There were some Northerners who did go south - like the King family of Roswell, GA - and it's a subject I think has been understudied.

In the South, slaveowning went hand in hand with wealth and prestige. Not everyone aspired to wealth (especially in an era when most people were farmers and before Horatio Alger).

As I recall from a term paper I wrote almost decade ago, a bunch of early settlers in Alabama and Mississippi got rich from the cotton boom. The result was an influx of new money in the South, inexorably linked to cotton and slavery. It was a stark contrast to the old money of the South, which tended to be more reluctant on the slavery issue - not abolitionists but more likely to see slavery as something to eventually phase out if only a good way could be devised.

I think you are right. It seems the perception of slavery changed from being veiwed as a necessary evil to deal with in the late 18th century to a positive good in the mid nineteenth century among the religious, political, and social leaders of the south. It also appears the opposite happened in the north where abolitionism gained traction- if not outright abolitionism then a definite distaste for slavery and the slave power.
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