Why Did Arkansas Secede?

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Aug 17, 2011
Birmingham, Alabama
Do we have a last a secession pure of the slavery entanglement?

References used
Journal of both sessions of the Convention of the state of Arkansas, which were begun and held in the capitol, in the city of Little Rock

“Resolved, That the inaugural of Mr. Lincoln, President of the United States, is, and should be, regarded as a menace involving the inhuman doctrine of coercion, against which Arkansas should pledge herself to resistance, by all she holds sacred on earth, as long as she has a dollar to spend or a son to defend her.”​

inhuman doctrine of coercion? Really What coercion and why is it inhumane?

“Resolved, That the assembling of an army at Washington, under the plea that there would be an attempt on the capital, was but a miserable pretext, poorly disguised–the true object being, first, to intimidate us into submission; and if that failed, then to carry out the policy indicated in his inaugural address, which is both humiliating to southern honor and destructive to southern interest.”​
Southern interest? Slave labor.

"Resolved, That the vast preparations for war, manifested in assembling the navy from foreign stations–the building of new ships of war–the passage of the laws by Congress authorizing the raising of large bodies of troops, and the collection of military stores–the appropriation of large sums of money from the federal treasury–the declared purpose of the President in his inaugural, to recapture the forts, arsenals and public buildings in the seven States that have seceded from the Federal Union, are an unquestionable declaration of war against those States, and afford unmistakable evidence that it is the intention of the administration of the federal government to precipitate the people of those states into all the horrors incident to a civil war, and that the declared intention of the President also contained in his late inaugural, to collect the revenues and duties in those states, is a further manifestation of said purpose.”​

So according to this, the Federal government has no right to recover what was stolen from her and is in the hands of a Slave Republic.

“Resolved, That in so trying an emergency there is but one path left for Arkansas to tread with honor, and that is found in the instant dissolution of those ties that bind her to her oppressor,and the assertion of her rights, by all the means which God has given her–making a common cause with those who are ready to live or die with her.”​
It all gets spoiled by the alliance of a Slave States and a Slave Republic.

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