While Eleanor's Away, Some Longstreet Each Day

Aug 25, 2013
Hannover, Germany
Another drawing of James Longstreet I never saw before, this time from Harper's Weekly, July 9 1864:

There was an article about our General, from which I have copied this:
"He is in the habit of exposing himself in a careless manner, and it was perhaps in this way that he got his wound in one of the battles in the Wilderness. At Gettysburg he is said to have led a Georgian regiment in a charge against a battery, hat in hand, and in front of every body. A few hours later a Colonel found him seated on the top of a snake fence at the edge of the wood, and looking perfectly calm and unperturbed, while some of his troops passed by. The gallant Colonel, who scarcely knew what had been the result of the battle, observed to General LONGSTREET, "I wouldn't have missed this for anything." LONGSTREET replied, laughing, "The devil you wouldn't! I should liked to have missed it very much; we've attacked, and been repulsed; look there!"

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